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Bill Protect

  • Get paid between $1,000 and $4,000 per month if you're unable to work due to sickness or injury
  • No medicals needed to apply

Why Bill Protect?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were sick or injured for a long period of time? Sure, sick leave or your savings may keep you financially afloat for a while. But once that runs out, how will you make sure your bills can still be paid while you focus on getting better? 

Suncorp offers Bill Protect with optional Redundancy Benefit – an affordable, easy-to-obtain insurance that’s designed to help you get back on your feet if you are sick, injured or involuntarily unemployed. You could have an income of up to $4,000 a month to help cover the mortgage, buy groceries and help with the kids’ school fees and other bills.

Best of all, apply for cover is simple and there are no medical tests at application. Simply apply online or over the phone.

What's included?

Select a monthly benefit between $1000 and $4,000, without any medical tests at application

You decide how much you’re covered for and there’s no need for any medical tests. We don't ask any income related questions either.

6, 12 or 24 month disability benefit available

Select how long you’ll receive payments if you’re off work with the same or related sickness or injury following the 30 day waiting period.

Don't pay premiums while you're on claim

We'll waive your premiums while you're receiving your monthly benefit. Also, the premiums you do pay are tax-deductible.

Guaranteed acceptance of your application

Acceptance of your application is guaranteed providing that when you apply, you’re an Australian or New Zealand citizen residing in Australia and aged 18-60.

Easy claims process

A single experienced Claims Manager will make the process as stress free as possible. You’ll receive your first monthly benefit after you complete your 30 day waiting period.

Covered up to age 75

Provided your cover has not ceased, we guarantee to insure you for the disability cover every year until your 75th birthday, even if your health changes.


Choose to add cover for redundancy

Select cover between $1000 and $4000 a month. This is paid out for a maximum of 3 months. Please note you are unable to claim on this cover for the first 6 months of your policy.

Find out more about the redundancy benefit

What's not covered?

It’s just as important to know what you’re not covered for. If your injury occurs as a result of certain events, Suncorp’s Bill Protect insurance will not cover you. These include:

Your intentional self inflicted act;

Working in an occupation, at heights above 15 metres; or underground in the mining industry;

You attempting to engage in or engaging in mountaineering, abseiling, rock climbing or canyoningdiving to a depth of 45 metres or more, pothole diving, wreck diving or diving in a cave.

Any mental disorder or mental illness;

Engaging in any criminal activity;

Want to know more?

This is just a summary, for full details of what is and isn't covered please refer to the Suncorp Bill Protect Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Why choose Suncorp?

Giving our customers the confidence to live their lives

We have been helping to protect lives in Australia and New Zealand since 1833.

Our Australian based call centres are here to help.

We pay well over one million dollars in claims each day to support people who are living with the effects of accident, illness or injury.

We work with charities to help raise funds; communicate health issues; support medical research; & sponsor events that bring the community together.

Alternative cover options

Income Protection insurance

Income Protection insurance is similar to Bill Protect, however you could cover up to 75% of your monthly income (up to $10,000 per month for sickness or injury)

Not sure what product is right for you?

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Need to talk?

Our friendly team of insurance specialists at our Australian based call centre can answer all your questions. Alternatively, if you feel your financial requirements are more complex and you require financial advice, you can turn to your Financial Planner for help in assessing your risk and working out the cover that could meet your needs.


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