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Home Building Insurance

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Take out a policy and you can save up to 15% off at selected retailers with Suncorp Benefits.

Your home is covered with Suncorp Home Building Insurance

Building Insurance can offer cover for your house. Which isn’t just the four walls and a roof you live inside – It’s also permanent indoor fixtures like wall and floor coverings, outdoor fixtures like fences and solar lights, and structures like garages and sheds. If it’d be difficult to move, we probably count it as part of your building.

For a more detailed list of inclusions, check the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). If you’d like coverage for your house as well as its contents, consider Suncorp Home and Contents Insurance.

What Suncorp Home Building Insurance covers

No matter what level of cover you choose, we offer cover for these events.

We do not insure you for bushfire, storm, flood or tsunami in the first 72 hours of your policy. Very limited exceptions apply. For more detail, read the PDS.

Choose from 3 levels of Home Building Insurance

Top features:

Regular cover


Mid-range cover

Classic Extras

Our top cover

Classic Advantages





Up to $1,000

Up to $2,000

Up to $500

Up to $1,000

Up to $2,500


Up to 12 months

(and up to 10% of home sum insured)


Up to 12 months

(and up to 10% of home sum insured)


Up to 24 months

(and up to 10% of home sum insured)




This is a summary only. For full details of what is and isn’t covered, covered or not covered, please read the PDS.

Get a quote for Home Building Insurance now

You’ll be able to get a Building Insurance quote for all three levels of cover, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to save on your Home Building Insurance

If you’re eligible for more than one discount, we apply any subsequent discount to the already discounted premium (usually before adding taxes and charges). Minimum premiums may apply. Learn more about ways to save with Suncorp Insurance.

Latest offers from Suncorp

Claims process

If you need to make a claim, rest assured we’ll help you with our local expertise every step of the way.

If my home is damaged, can I use my own home repairer?

We will utilise our experienced qualified builders that is part of panel. Our builders specialise in all insurance work and we offer a lifetime guarantee on the repairs.

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Other Home Insurance products

Landlord Insurance

Protect your investment property from damaging events like flood, storm, fire and theft. Includes cover for loss of rent if a tenant doesn’t pay or the home becoming unliveable after an insured event.

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Contents Insurance

Great for renters. We can help replace your contents if lost or damaged by an insured event. Includes the option to add cover for personal valuables e.g. mobile, laptop, bicycle.

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What makes Suncorp different?

Insuring Australian for more than 90 years

For nearly a century, Suncorp Insurance has been proud to protect Australian homes. We pride ourselves on delivering for our customers. We have a team dedicated to helping you protect what’s most important to you.

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We value the communities we live and work in

From sponsoring events to volunteering for charities, we’re dedicated to empowering and supporting local communities.

Protecting the North

Community Work

Suncorp is an award-winning insurer

Mozo Experts Choice 2018 Insurer of the year

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^Actions or movements of the sea and storm surge are not covered (unless the storm surge damage occurs at the same time as damage caused by storm). We don't cover retaining walls or flood damage to wharves, jetties, pontoons, other exclusions apply.


Flood means the covering of normally dry land by water that has escaped or released from the normal confines of things like a lake, river, reservoir, canal or other natural watercourse.

Actions or movements of the sea or storm surge are not covered.  


Fire means burning with flames. It includes heat, ash, soot and smoke damage to your home from a neighbouring building burning within 10 metres only.

It doesn’t include arcing, scorching or cigarette burns unless a fire spreads from the initial burn spot.

Pollution or vapour damage by a home heater or cooking appliance is covered if a fire spreads from the initial source.

Malicious acts and vandalism

Malicious acts or vandalism includes things like vandals damaging your letterbox or painting graffiti on your home.

It doesn’t include damage by someone who entered the home with your consent.

Impact e.g. fallen tree

Impact covers damage from things like a falling tree, power pole, tv antenna, aircraft, motor vehicle and even space debris.

It doesn’t include damage caused by trees being lopped, felled or transplanted by you or for you.


A storm can be accompanied by strong winds, rain, lightning, hail, snow or dust.

It includes loss or damage caused by a landslide or subsidence within 72 hours of, and directly because of, a storm rather than erosion over time or a structural or design fault.

Theft or burglary

Theft or burglary occurs when someone enters the insured address without your consent and steals or intends to steal items.

We don’t cover loss or damage caused after entry from common property, or loss or damage caused by anyone living at the address.

Damage by an animal

This covers loss or damage caused by an animal at the insured address without consent e.g. if an animal becomes accidentally trapped inside the home.

It doesn’t cover damage caused by animals owned by you or that you are responsible for or damage caused by insects, vermin or rodents (unless also covered under events of fire or escape of liquid).

Riot, civil commotion or public disturbance

An example of a riot, civil commotion or public disturbance event would be damage caused by a violent crowd moving down your street.

It doesn’t cover loss or damage caused by someone who had consent to enter the insured address and doesn’t cover loss or damage if anyone living at the address participated in the disturbance.


We cover loss or damage caused by an explosion but we don’t cover the cost of reparing or replacing the container or tank that exploded.

Escape of liquid e.g. burst pipe

This covers the sudden liquid leaking, overflowing or bursting from things like your fridge, washing machine, bath, toilet, fixed pipes (except agricultural pipes), gutters, swimming pool, water main, fixed cooling system or an aquarium.

We do not cover water damage caused by wear and tear or the gradual leaking of liquid. See PDS for more details.


Lightning, including power surges caused by lightning, will be covered providing a qualified repairer gives written confirmation to show lightning as the cause of loss or damage and the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology has a record of lightning in the area.

Accidental glass breakage

This covers things like fixed glass in windows, doors, skylights, shower-bath combos, toilets, basins, baths and the glass that forms part of a fixed cooking or heating appliance.

It doesn’t cover ceramic tiles, drinking glasses or glass that is part of things like vases, ornaments or light globes.

Earthquake and tsunami

We cover damage in the first 72 hours following an earthquake or tsunami.

This includes damage caused by a landslide or subsidence within 72 hours of, and directly because of, an earthquake or tsunami rather than erosion over time or a structural or design fault.

Accidental damage at the home

This covers loss, breakage or damage to something by accident at home. For example: dropping, knocking over or spilling something without intent. 

Damage to gardens and plants

We’ll cover the cost to replace trees, shrubs, plants, hedges and garden beds if they have been damaged as a result of an event we cover that also caused damage to your home at the same time for which we have accepted a claim.

Lock replacement

We’ll cover the costs to replace or recode your home’s external door or window locks if your keys are stolen anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Temporary accommodation

If your home is damaged by one of our insured events, and we agree it cannot be lived in, we’ll pay for reasonable temporary accommodation costs for you, as well as boarding for your pets, until you can move back in. Please read the PDS for full details on the maximum period we will pay for your accommodation.

Motor burnout

Covers the burning out or fusing of electric motors that are part of your home and less than 10 years old. This includes the motor in things like portable air conditioning units, washing machines and fridges (if you have contents cover).