Boat Insurance

Enjoy smooth sailing with Suncorp Insurance.

There's nothing more relaxing than being out on the water. Let us help keep you afloat.

Our Comprehensive Boat Insurance offers legal liability cover, as well as cover for weather events and collisions. We also include coverage up to the limit of the included cover for your boat’s contents. After all, your boat isn’t quite your boat without the stuff in it.

We also offer Third Party Boat Insurance, if you’re looking for basic coverage without the bells and whistles.

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Cover for accidental loss or damage to your boat from events such as storms, sinking, stranding and collision (geographical limits apply)#

New boat hull, boat motor(s) or boat trailer after a total loss if they are less than 2 years old.

Product Disclosure Statement

This is just a summary, for full details of what is and isn't covered please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). The Target Market Determination is also avialable.

#We do not insure you for bushfire, storm, flood or tsunami in the first 72 hours of your policy. Very limited exceptions apply.

1A ‘total loss’ is if your boat hull, boat motor(s) or boat trailer is stolen and unrecovered after 14 days or it is uneconomical, impractical or unsafe to repair damage. We call this a 'total loss' in the PDS.

If your boat hull, boat motor(s) or boat trailer is less than 2 years old and is stolen or damaged in an incident covered by your policy in the period of insurance and accepted as a total loss, we will replace with a new one of the same manufacturer, of the same or similar model, similar specification or the nearest possible match to your boat hull, boat motor(s) or boat trailer(s). Limits, exclusions and conditions apply, please read the PDS for full details.

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Flexible payment options

Pay by the month or annually – whichever suits you best.

Voluntary excess options

With our Comprehensive Boat Insurance, you can reduce your premium by choosing a higher excess.