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Compare Health Insurance Hospital Cover

4% monthly discount when paid by direct debit*
4% monthly discount when paid by direct debit*

Why do you need Hospital Cover?

For most of us it’s the comfort of knowing that if you or your family is ill or injured and needs to go to hospital you’ll be treated quickly by the specialist you choose. Compare levels of private health insurance using the comparison table and find the cover to suit your budget and situation.

Compare Hospital Cover

Let's make your thirties even better. Here’s how you can pay less for your hospital cover. 

Suncorp Health Insurance offers 5 types of Hospital Cover

Basic Hospital Plus

Basic Hospital Plus is a great option for the young and healthy or families on a budget. Plus if eligible it could help you avoid paying extra tax by avoiding the Medicare Levy Surcharge.

Bronze Hospital

Bronze Hospital is the health insurance you get when you want more than just the basics without paying for high cost services you might not need, like back, neck and spine services.

Silver Everyday Hospital Plus

Silver Everyday Hospital Plus is a mid-level of health cover for some of the most commonly claimed services plus additional services like heart and vascular system, palliative care and rehabilitation.

Silver Advantage Hospital Plus

Silver Advantage Hospital Plus provides a high level of cover without paying for services like pregnancy and birth and assisted reproductive services. Services like eye and cataract treatments and joint reconstructions/replacements are covered.

Gold Hospital

Suncorp Health Insurance’s most comprehensive cover including everything in Silver Advantage Hospital Plus in addition to pregnancy, birth and assisted reproductive services and all Medicare recognised in-hospital services.

Only need Extras Cover?

You can buy Extras Cover individually if you're interested in non-hospital services.

Things like:

Dental check-ups


Physio & Chiro

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Suncorp Health Insurance Comparison Table - Hospital

Use our health insurance comparison table to compare the services covered under each level of hospital cover.

Cancer treatment in hospital:
It is important to be aware that health insurance will only cover the portion of costs that relate to an admission to hospital. Specialist fees outside of hospital or other outpatient fees in relation to chemotherapy or radiotherapy aren’t covered. High cost drugs are sometimes requested for the Treatment of some cancers. Typically high-cost drugs are for newer Treatments that are not recognised by the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) because the PBS considers them to be still under clinical trial and therefore experimental Treatments. Health insurance will not Cover high cost drugs for the same reasons (or may only Cover a small portion of the cost). It is the responsibility of the treating doctor, and Hospital, to inform Patients about the potential for large out-of-pockets as a result of high cost drugs.

Minimum Benefits Payable (MBP) means that we will pay the minimum amount of benefits that we are required to pay under the Private Health Insurance Act, to or on behalf of a customer for hospital treatment under a Hospital cover. If you’re attending a Private Hospital for these services, there will be significant out-of-pocket costs.

INCL - Hospital Treatment provided by a registered Podiatric Surgeon is limited to cover for accommodation and prosthetic devices. No benefits are payable for Podiatric Surgeon fees, medical specialist fees (e.g. Anaesthetist) or theatre costs. Refer to the Policy Booklet for more information.

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What else do I need to know about Hospital Cover?

Does Suncorp Health Insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

If the condition for which you are going to hospital is determined to be pre-existing:

For new Suncorp Health Insurance customers:

You must wait 12 months from the date of joining Suncorp Health Insurance for benefits to be paid for treatment for that condition. Benefits will not be payable on procedures undertaken before 12 months of active membership.

For existing Suncorp Health Insurance customers who have transferred or upgraded hospital cover:

You must wait 12 months from the effective date of your policy change or upgrade for the higher benefits to be paid for that condition. If you have at least 12 months membership in total across both your old and new hospital cover, you are entitled to the benefits that are payable on your previous hospital cover. If your previous hospital cover excludes benefits for that condition, you must wait 12 months from the date of change or upgrade for benefits to be paid for that condition.

How much excess should you pay?

You can choose $500 or $750 as your hospital excess for the Basic Plus, Bronze, Silver Everyday Plus and Gold hospital cover or between $250, $500 and $750 for Silver Advantages hospital cover.

This is the amount you agree to pay toward your hospital admission, before a benefit is paid.

Choosing a higher excess will reduce the cost of your premiums. Each adult on the policy will only pay one excess per calendar year if they go to hospital, no matter how many admissions they may need. There is no hospital excess for dependent children under 21 years of age.

Switching from another private health fund

We’ll recognise waiting periods you’ve already served for equivalent services with your current fund, which is great – it means you can claim straight away and not be disadvantaged for these services.

However, you may be required to serve a waiting period for benefits on your new private health insurance policy that aren't covered by your existing fund, including any increase in annual limits. Any benefit limits already used with your current health fund will apply to your Suncorp Health Insurance Policy. For more information call Suncorp Health Insurance on 13 11 55 or read the Policy Booklet.

What about out of pocket expenses?

Out of pocket expenses refer to the difference between what the insurer pays for, and the total cost of your treatment. No matter what cover you have, it’s possible you’ll have to pay something towards your treatment.

Aged-based discounts

Aged-based discounts are available to eligible customers on select Suncorp Health Insurance Hospital covers. Age-based discounts are calculated as 2% for each year that a person is under 30, up to a maximum of 10% for a person aged 18 to 25. Providing you remain on an eligible hospital cover, you will keep this discount until you turn 41, when it will start reducing at a rate of 2% per year.

Get the full picture - make sure you read the Policy Booklet and Fact Sheets

What’s not covered during my hospital stay?

Hospital excess

A hospital excess is the amount you elect to pay towards the cost of a hospital stay before any benefits are payable. You only pay an excess if you or someone on your policy goes to hospital. There is no hospital excess for dependent children under 21 years of age. The excess applies once per person per calendar year and is payable directly to the hospital prior to your admission.

Extra fees & charges

Additional fees may be charged by the hospital for care and treatment associated with your stay. These are not covered and may include:

  • private hospital emergency or out-patients fees
  • admission or booking fees charged by a specialist or the hospital
  • private room accommodation for a same day procedure

Services listed as policy exclusions

Any service listed as excluded on a customer's policy is not covered. This includes:

  • procedures within waiting periods
  • cosmetic procedures to enhance appearance

Additional or specialised nursing care

If you require additional or specialised nursing care, extra charges may apply. Examples of such care includes:

  • special nursing
  • services provided exclusively or primarily for the care or treatment of a mentally disabled person who is not a private patient in a hospital
  • services rendered in a nursing home
  • respite care

Additional medications & procedures

If you require additional medications or procedures, extra charges may apply. These include:

  • pharmaceuticals that are not available under the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme (PBS)
  • oral contraceptives
  • autologous blood collection and storage
  • procedures performed in a doctor's surgery

Extra services

Services that aren't directly related to your treatment and care. These include:

  • beauty services
  • phone calls
  • TV hire
  • car parking
  • luxury rooms
  • take-home items e.g. crutches

Services not recognised by Medicare

Services, drugs or disposable items which may be used in a hospital but that are not recognised by Medicare. These are considered experimental and are not covered e.g. some items associated with robotic surgery

Other important information

Medicare Levy Surcharge

The Medicare levy surcharge (MLS) is levied on Australian taxpayers who do not have an appropriate level of private hospital cover and earn above a certain income.

The base income threshold (under which you are not liable to pay the MLS) is $93,000 for singles and $186,000 for families.

If your taxable income is above the MLS thresholds, and you don’t have an appropriate level of private hospital cover, you may have to pay the MLS. It is an extra 1 – 1.5% of tax.

Find out more about the Medicare Levy Surcharge on the ATO website, including how to calculate your income for MLS purposes.

Or, see the Policy Booklet for more information.

Lifetime Health Cover Loading

Lifetime Health Cover is a loading put in place by the Federal Government. It means you'll pay a 2% loading on top of the normal premiums for each year you don't have hospital cover by July 1 following your 31st birthday. The loading increases by 2% for every year you don’t join, up to a maximum of 70%. Any loading applies for 10 years of continuous hospital cover.

Find out more about the Lifetime Health Cover on the ATO website.

To avoid the loading, take out hospital cover by June 30, following your 31st birthday.

Please see the Policy Booklet for more information.

Australian Government Rebate

To make private health insurance more affordable the Federal Government provides many Australians with a rebate.
Each year the Government provides health funds with a rebate adjustment factor which will be applied to each customer's premium (after any applicable discounts) and determined by their income tier and age. The adjusted rebate will automatically apply to any premium payments made on or after 1 April each year including customers who may be in arrears. Please note that if you have a Lifetime Health Cover Loading (LHC), the Rebate is not claimable on the LHC Loading component of your premium.

Please see the Policy Booklet for more information. 

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