4 common health and fitness services you could be claiming on Extras cover

9 January 2020

We all know the importance of maintenance, whether it’s the weekly mowing and weeding that comes with a freshly manicured lawn, the quarterly car service or the six-weekly visit to the hairdresser for a cut and colour (we see you, pesky grey hairs).

But how often are you visiting a health professional for maintenance? And, more importantly, do you have an Extras insurance policy that allows you to claim back benefits for those visits?

At Suncorp Health Insurance, we want you to use your private health insurance to help keep you healthy – that’s why we offer Extras cover. To get you started, we’ve put together four common appointments that you may be able to claim for and we’ve made it as simple as possible by covering up to 70%* of the cost of services included.

1. Remedial massage

Are your shoulders a tad tense from sitting at a computer all day? Or maybe your calves are sore from a workout? It could be time for a remedial massage. Remedial massage1 can increase circulation, accelerate the healing process and reduce inflammation. And with Suncorp Extras paying benefits for these treatments*, there’s no reason to delay booking in.

2. Gym memberships and personal training

Exercising regularly2 can lift your mood, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart attack, type-2 diabetes and some cancers. These are just a few of the many reasons why exercise is so important. Suncorp Health Insurance can provide benefits for qualifying members˄ on services such as selected gym memberships and personal training sessions if your doctor recommends that your health may benefit.

3. Chiropractic and osteopathy

Chiropractors3 are trained to rehabilitate health conditions that involve the muscles, joints and bones. They can also provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice. Osteopaths4, on the other hand, use manipulation and massage to help, while also offering advice on injury prevention, pain management and rehabilitation programs. So if you’ve got a niggling muscle pain that needs checking, or simply need a bit of postural maintenance, it might be good to add a visit to your local chiro or osteo to your to-do list.

4. Preventative dental

Are you someone who puts off seeing the dentist until you get a toothache that becomes unbearable? It’s time to change your habits and book in for regular preventative dental checks. Preventative dental appointments generally include a clean, scale and fluoride treatment and these checks allow you and your dentist to get familiar with what’s going on inside your mouth.

Suncorp Extras cover makes it more affordable for you to access the health services that aren’t covered by Medicare. At Suncorp, we want you to be as healthy as possible, which is why it’s so important to have regular preventative check-ups. Compare our Extras cover and get a quote today.

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* 60% or 75% back dependent on Extras product selected. Not typically covered by Medicare. Up to your annual limit. Relevant waiting periods apply. Benefits only payable in relation to recognised Providers. Subject to the terms and conditions of your policy – see the Policy Booklet for details.

˄ Fitness centre/gym or personal training services recognised where: i. the membership of a fitness centre, visits to a fitness centre or sessions with a personal trainer is required to enable the member to undertake a health management program for the treatment of a health related condition; and ii. the health management program has been recommended to the member by a medical practitioner or provider who has the member under their care for the treatment of the health related condition; and iii. all supporting documentation required in relation to the health management program has been completed in the manner requested; and iv. the membership is not provided as part of a corporate membership program. Chat to one of our Suncorp Health Insurance experts or see the Policy Booklet for details.

This article has been prepared by nib health funds limited ABN 83 000 124 381 (nib). Please note that the health and related information above is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, the above information not intended to be used as a substitute for advice from healthcare professionals.  We recommend that you see a qualified health professional to obtain advice relevant to your particular circumstances.

Suncorp Health Insurance is issued by nib health funds limited ABN 83 000 124 381 (nib), a registered private health insurer, and is marketed by Platform CoVentures Pty Ltd ABN 82 626 829 623 (PC), a Suncorp Group company. PC is an authorised agent of nib and receives commission from nib.

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