Understanding Our New Suncorp Motorhome Insurance PDS

Introducing the new Suncorp Motorhome Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for policies renewing on or after 25 March 2021. The PDS is an important legal document that contains details of the product you purchase so you need to read it carefully.

The purpose of this page is to advise you of some changes that we have made to our Suncorp Motorhome Insurance PDS.

We’ve changed the layout of the PDS to help make it easier to understand. We have also made some other changes to the policy – we have updated the wording to make it clearer and we have added and changed covers, conditions and exclusions.

Below are some of the sections in the PDS where we have made changes (some section names have changed):

For full details, please refer to your PDS.

The information above is not a complete list of the changes to your Suncorp Motorhome Insurance. For full details of what is and isn’t covered, please read the to Suncorp Motorhome Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Consider the PDS before making a decision about this insurance. The Target Market Determination is also available.