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Natural Disaster Checklist

There's only one thing more terrifying than mother nature, and that's finding out your insurance doesn't cover it. Check out the home facts here, and why having insurance you can trust is a real must have.

Prepare for the unexpected

Queenslanders are lucky enough to enjoy year round sunshine, but when it storms, it's usually a big one, with floods, hail and cyclones a regular part of summer. And while we can't predict the next 1974 and 2011 flood, we can prepare for the worst - just in case:

  • Review you home and contents insurance regularly and ensure you have adequate cover
  • Clean drains, gutters and downpipes regularly
  • Bring loose objects inside, or tie them down
  • Ensure your mobile phone battery is full (and use it sparingly in the case of a storm)
  • Assemble an Emergency Kit for your family
  • Keep a list of emergency contact numbers handy
  • Plan what you will do in an emergency, indentifying the nearest safe ground
  • Buy emergency supplies of fresh water, batteries, candles and non-perishable foods.


When you live in Queensland, you need to be prepared for water to cause you trouble. As Queenslanders Home Insurance experts, we've gone to great lengths to understand the risk of flooding to your home and the importance of being completely covered.

Of course, it's not just floods and storms that cause damage. There are any number of water hazards that cause damage to homes every day - from broken pipes to burst waterbeds. It's important to ensure you're covered for it all, whether you live in a major city or a regional town.

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Storms have always been a part of life in Queensland. And while many of them just give our gardens a good soaking over summer, some cause major damage to homes and infrastructure across the state.

In fact, Emergency Management Australia reports that severe thunderstorms cause more damage in Australia each year than any other natural event, with the damage bill rising into hundreds of millions of dollars. Most of this damage is caused by hail, which accounts for almost half the total damage cost inflicted by severe storms. So it pays to ensure your home is protected should a severe storm hit.

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The annual cyclone season for the coastal regions of Queensland usually occurs between November and April. As Australia's most feared weather phenomena, tropical cyclones are characterised by destructive winds with gusts that can approach speeds of up to 300km/h, torrential rains, storm surges and wild seas.

Cyclones can turn debris into dangerous missiles that can result in extensive property damage, as well as serious injuries and fatalities. After crossing land, cyclones tend to weaken as they lose contact with the warm tropical waters needed to sustain them.

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After our dry winter, Queensland's native scrub and bush can be a tinderbox coming into spring and summer. Bushfires in rural, regional and outer lying metropolitan areas are now part of almost every Queensland summer. The dry, hot conditions, coupled with strong breezes can create the perfect environment for fast moving firestorms that spread like ... wild fire.

But it's not just bushfires that Queenslanders need to be ready for. A few precautions around the home like installing smoke alarms and extinguishers, along with an evacuation plan in case of emergencies can make all the difference in a house fire.

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