Cyclone Resilience Benefit – Important Information

Available for eligible Suncorp Home and Landlord Insurance customers for new and renewing policies from 16 February 2016. Eligible customers with existing policies who contact us to answer the new cyclone resilience questions will receive a pro-rata refund which represents the premium reduction for the period between when they contact us to answer the questions and their next renewal date.

The premium reduction applies to both owner occupiers and landlords, and the reduced premium relates to your building premium for both building only policies, and building and contents policies.

Available in eligible locations only. Contact us to find out if you are eligible.

The cyclone mitigation features that may contribute to any reduction of your Suncorp home or landlord insurance premium are at our discretion. Using the information about the property will allow us to calculate a premium reduction compared to the premium we would have charged you for the same Suncorp home or landlord insurance product if the features or mitigation measures were not in place.

Suncorp Insurance does not guarantee any particular level of premium reduction to individual customers. The Cyclone Resilience Benefit does not offer any additional insurance cover in any Suncorp Insurance product, in relation to cyclones.

This product benefit is only available to eligible customers:

  1. who hold a Suncorp Home Insurance policy or Landlord building policy (including combined home & contents policies); and
  2. whose insured property is located in an eligible area (Eligible Property). Eligibility is based on the location of your property and include certain cyclone prone parts of Northern Australia. Please call us on 13 11 55 to check if your property is an Eligible Property.