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Proud to Protect

At Suncorp, we don't just say things we're going to do - we actively get them done. That's why we're Proud to Protect. When storm season kicks in, we're proud of the commitment we have to Queensland, and we take pride in delivering the service and trust we're famous for.

Proven to Protect

Protecting the North

Cyclones are part of life in northern Australia and having helped protect Queenslanders for 99 years, Suncorp knows only too well the damage that can be done. Protecting the North is our major cyclone resilience and insurance program for north Queensland which will help build more cyclone resilient communities and make insurance more accessible in northern Australia.

Cyclone Resilience Benefit

Suncorp Insurance believes one of the ways to make insurance more affordable for our customers in northern Australia is to lower the amount of potential damage to homes through mitigation against cyclones.

 Perils & Checklists

There's only one thing more terrifying than Mother Nature, and that's finding out your insurance doesn't cover it.

Find out more about the hazards we are exposed to, definitions and cover, and download our helpful checklists to help you be better prepared.

Find out more about Perils & Checklists

Is your home ready for a natural disaster?

You cannot stop a natural disaster, but you can take steps to minimise the impact on your home and property. Get help to prepare this storm season.

  • Make improvements to roofs, windows and roller doors
  • Trim or remove dangerous trees
  • Reinforce sheds and other structures

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