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Be prepared for cyclones

Whether you live up north or down south, cyclones are something that every Queenslander should take seriously. So, a cyclone plan should be a must-have for every household.

Download our Cyclone Safety Checklist and make sure you're prepared for what mother nature brings.

Download a cyclone checklist

Cyclone definition

A cyclone can be defined as a violent storm that is characterised by high winds that rotate about a calm centre of low atmospheric pressure.


Cyclones are categorised by wind strength as follows

Category 1 
Wind gusts less than 125 km/hr

Category 2
Wind gusts 125 to 169 km/hr

Category 3
Wind gusts 170 to 224 km/hr

Category 4
Wind gusts 225 to 279 m/hr

Category 5
Wind gusts more than 280 km/hr

Cyclone warnings

To keep Queenslanders aware of potential cyclones, warnings are issued by the Bureau of Meteorology when a cyclone is expected to cross land within 24 hours. Each warning is accompanied by a distinctive warning signal and identifies communities under threat, the name of the cyclone, its position, intensity, severity and movement.


Cyclone cover

Suncorp Insurance covers loss or damage to your home and/or contents caused by storms, which includes cyclones. The cover also extends to cover loss or damage caused by storm surge if it occurs at the same time as other insured damage at your insured address to your home and/or contents caused by storms, which includes cyclones. However there are also a number of exclusions and other conditions that attach to this cover. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details.

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Is your home ready for a natural disaster?

You cannot stop a natural disaster, but you can take steps to minimise the impact on your home and property. Get help to prepare this storm season.

  • Make improvements to roofs, windows and roller doors
  • Trim or remove dangerous trees
  • Reinforce sheds and other structures

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