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For over 100 years, we've been helping Aussies and their homes prepare, protect and recover from natural disasters.

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If your home could talk, would you listen?

As the weather gets more severe every year, would your home ask for better protection?

Suncorp’s Resilience Hub is a wealth of resources on all the actions you can take to help prepare your home for the extreme weather of the future.

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Get prepared for storm season

We've put together some handy information on how you might be able to prepare your home for the
unexpected, including the kind of renovations you could undertake to help keep your home safe.

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Storm checklist
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Cyclone checklist
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Flood checklist
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Bushfire checklist
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Substantially Damaged

When your home is substantially damaged by an insured event (meaning the assessed quote to repair or rebuild is at least $50,000 or 10% of your home sum insured, whichever is more). Please refer to PDS for full Details.

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Flood means the covering of normally dry land by water that has escaped or been released from the normal confines of things like a lake, river, reservoir, canal or other natural watercourse.

Actions or movements of the sea or storm surge are not covered. Some things we don't cover are damage to retaining walls, jetties, pontoons and garden borders.


Storm means a storm, cyclone or severe atmospheric disturbance. It can be accompanied by strong winds, rain, lightning, hail, snow, or dust.

It includes loss or damage caused by a landslide or subsidence within 72 hours of, and directly because of, a storm and not because of erosion, structural fault or design fault.

Riot and civil commotion

An example of a riot, civil commotion or public disturbance event would be damage caused by a violent crowd moving down your street.

It doesn't cover loss or damage caused by someone who had consent to enter the insured address and doesn't cover loss or damage if anyone living at the insured address participated in the disturbance.


Lightning, including power surges caused by lightning, will be covered providing a qualified repairer gives written confirmation to show lightning as the cause of loss or damage and the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology has a record of lightning in the area.


Loss or damage caused by fire (includes bushfire) and heat, ash, soot and smoke that is a direct result of a fire within 100 metres of the insured address.

It doesn’t include arcing, scorching or cigarette burns unless a fire spreads from the initial burn spot.

Pollution or vapour damage by a home heater or cooking appliance is covered if a fire spreads from the initial source.

If there is a bushfire in your area, we also cover the cost of replacing water in any tank, container, pool, spa and any other storage vessel, even if there is no physical damage to your property. The most we will pay is $1,000.

Theft and burglary

Theft or burglary occurs when someone enters the insured address without your consent and steals or intends to steal items.

We don't cover loss or damage caused by thieves or burglars entering the insured address from common property without signs of forced entry, or loss or damage caused by anyone living at the address.


We cover loss or damage caused by an explosion but we don't cover the cost of repairing or replacing the container or tank that exploded.

Earthquake and tsunami

We cover damage that occurs within the first 72 hours following an earthquake or tsunami.

This includes cover for damage caused by a landslide or subsidence within 72 hours of, and directly because of, an earthquake or tsunami. It doesn't cover damage caused by erosion over time or a structural or design fault.

Malicious acts

Malicious acts or vandalism includes things like vandals damaging your letterbox or painting graffiti on your home.

It doesn't include damage caused by someone who lives or is staying at the insured address or who entered the insured address with your consent.

Damage by animal

This covers loss or damage caused by an animal that becomes accidentally trapped inside your home.

We don't cover damage caused by any animal you own or are responsible for, or has been allowed onto the insured address, or damage caused by insects, vermin or rodents (unless the damage they caused is covered under fire or escape of liquid).


Impact covers damage caused by impact from things like a falling tree, power poles, tv antennas, aircrafts, motor vehicles and even space debris.

It doesn't include damage caused by trees being lopped, felled or transplanted by you or for you.

Escape of liquid

This covers damage caused by liquid leaking, overflowing or bursting from things like your fridge, washing machine, bath (but not shower), toilet, fixed pipes (except agricultural pipes), swimming pool, water main, fixed cooling system or an aquarium.

We do not cover the cost of fixing the leak itself, wear, tear and gradual deterioration or loss or damage as a result of a gradual process of liquid leaking, splashing, dripping or overflowing. See the PDS for more details on what we don't cover.

Recover from disaster

When a major events hits, your family’s safety comes first. Contact 000 in an emergency and visit Queensland Disaster Management for current local and state emergency alerts.

How to make a claim after a major weather event

How to make a water damage insurance claim

Learn more about what to do after an event


Get Ready Queensland

Suncorp and QLD Government logo

We’re proud to support the Queensland government and their Get Ready Queensland program, helping Sunshine State residents get and stay ready for extreme weather. For helpful info on year-round preparation for natural disasters, visit their website.

Learn about Get Ready Queensland

Joining forces with the SES

SES and Suncorp logo

The Queensland State Emergency Service is vital to the continued safety of the community — which is why we’re so proud to support them.

Learn about Suncorp’s SES support

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