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Life Insurance for families

Insurance for whatever stage of life you're at

Why is it important?

Help protect the ones who rely on you

You take pride in building a great life for your family.  We understand that during this stage in your life your financial commitments are high and you have the most to protect. You and your partner have a big job to do and you rely on each other to juggle it all – work, mortgage repayments, homework and meal planning – and you do a great job of it.

Life doesn't always go to plan

Consider what would happen if something unexpected happened to you or your partner. What’s your plan?

  • How would your partner cope with work, running the house and the kids without you? 
  • If you became ill or injured and are unable to work, could your partner also afford to take time off work to look after you, the kids and the household?
  • Who would look after the kids while you’re recovering and your partner’s at work? 
  • Could you pay your ongoing financial commitments like the mortgage, bills and school fees?
  • What if you had to pay costly medical bills on top of your current financial commitments on one or no income?

Ways to protect your family

If life throws you a curve ball, you still want your family to continue living the life you planned for them. Our customers in your stage of life often buy these products. Consider what might be suitable for your own circumstances. 

Life Insurance

Life sometimes takes an unexpected turn. If you fall terminally ill or die, your  beneficiaries will be paid out in one lump sum to spend however they need, with cover up to $1million available. This could mean your family might not have to worry about things like:

  • the mortgage and credit card debt
  • changing schools to save on school fees
  • paying for everyday living expenses
  • your funeral expenses

Income Protection

You and your partner make a great team juggling the family commitments. But if one of you couldn’t work due to illness or injury, could the other one still juggle these commitments and could you still pay the bills? Receive a monthly payment while you recover to help go towards things like:

  • medical bills
  • bills, mortgage, rent, groceries, utilities, school fees
  • home help e.g. nanny, cleaner
  • transport if you can't drive

Life Insurance through Superannuation – Is It Enough?

What is Life Insurance through superannuation? And how do you know if life insurance through superannuation is enough? Samantha Rush explains the basics of life insurance in these two videos.



Life Stages & Events

Whatever stage of life you're at, Suncorp could help you plan for life's unexpected turns. See what some people in your stage of life buy to help protect themselves financially and why.

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