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Life Insurance for Couples 

Insurance for whatever stage of life you're at

Protect the lifestyle you've worked hard to create

If you have settled down with a partner and are planning a future together, it makes sense to protect that future, especially if you are thinking about starting a family.

Whether you suffer an illness or injury that prevents you from working, whether you hurt yourself in an accident, or even if the worst should happen, insurance can help provide the financial security you and your partner need.

What cover might you consider?

Taking out insurance can seem like a hassle, but you'll be surprised at how quick and easy it really is. Take a look at the different ways you can protect yourself to cover the risks you might face.

MyStyle Life Insurance

Income Protection, Life Insurance + Serious Illness bundle

MyStyle Life Insurance offers combined Death Cover, Income Protection and Serious Illness to help protect your lifestyle. If you don’t have Income Protection or Life Insurance, you might like to consider getting them together in one simple policy with MyStyle Life Insurance. However, you don’t have to combine everything in together at once, you can dial up and down your Death Cover, Income Protection Cover and Serious Illness cover at any time as your needs and lifestyle change. Also, if you and your partner are planning a future together, you have the option to choose a joint cover for Death Cover, protecting both of you, in case something unfortunate happens to one of you and you are no longer there.

Income Protection

You might get sick or injured and not be able to work

Getting sick or injured, could happen at any time. You could break your wrist falling off your bike on the way to work, you could break your leg in a car accident, or you could fall ill and have to spend time in hospital. If this were to happen to you and you had to take time off work, how long could you manage without an income coming in? You may have savings, but that money won't last forever. You may be able to rely on your partner's income for a while, but that could result in both financial and emotional strain.

Life Protect

You could leave your partner financially vulnerable

No one likes to think about death, however it is worth thinking about its financial implications. If you and your partner both work, it's likely you rely on both your incomes - to pay the bills, the rent or mortgage, the food and petrol costs, and the luxuries in life. If one of you were to die, could the other cope financially?

Accidental Injury

You could get injured in an accident

Accidents happen to everyone, no matter what their age. You could fall and break your arm on the way to the shops, you could fracture your hip taking a tumble, or you could break your leg taking the dog for a walk. Unfortunately, accidents happen all too easily. If you were to get injured in an accident, could you afford to take time off work? Could you afford the expensive medical bills?

Still unsure of the cover you need?

Our helpful interactive insurance calculator takes just a few minutes.  It can help you decide how much cover you need and what types of cover will protect the ones you love most.

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Life Stages & Events

Whatever stage of life you're at, Suncorp could help you plan for life's unexpected turns. See what some people in your stage of life buy to help protect themselves financially and why.

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