Everyday Extras

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60% of the treatment cost up to your annual limit for that service

What’s covered in Everyday Extras?

Higher limits than our Starter Extras but still budget friendly, plus the added benefits such as natural therapies and major dental included.

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What’s excluded in Everyday Extras?


Exercise physiology

Podiatry & orthotics

Antenatal & postnatal services

Dietary advice

Home nursing


Occupational therapy

Speech pathology

Eye therapy (orthoptics)

Hearing aids & speech processors

Healthier lifestyles

Preventative tests

Health aids

If you would like cover for any of the services excluded above, you can Compare Extras Cover to find the right product for you. 


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Is this the right health cover for me?

Single-parent family - Ashley, 33 & Nathan, 4

Ashley works full-time as a carer, while her son Nathan spends most days with his grandparents nearby. Ashley doesn't want to pay for things she doesn't necessarily need. She chose Everyday Extras so that she gets some of the cost of Nathan's glasses covered, as well as a visit to the physio.

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