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Write Off

If your boat hull, boat mo-tor(s) or boat trailer is a write off and less than 2 years old, we will pay what it costs us to replace a new one of the same manufacturer, of the same or similar model, similar specification or the nearest possible match to your boat hull, boat motor(s) or boat trailer.

Boat contents cover
We’ll automatically include up to $5,000 cover for your boat contents. Some per-item sub limits apply.
Salvage and removal costs
Up to $10 million cover when you are responsible for the salvage and removal costs when your boat is stranded, sunk or burnt.
Pollution by oil, fuel or waste

Up to $250,000 liability cover for pollution from oil, fuel or waste following an incident.

Substitute boat
Automatic third party cover when you’ve borrowed a boat because yours has been lost, stolen or destroyed in an incident or is with a repairer up to 14 days.
Fatal injury

Up to $5,000 when you or the operator of your boat are fatally injured in an incident that caused loss or damage to your boat.

Emergency expenses

Up to $5,000 toward emer-gency expenses when your boat is damaged in an in-sured incident and emer-gency actions are neces-sary e.g. the outboard motor on your boat has struck a log and won’t operate and you need to be towed.

Rescue expenses

Up to $5,000 for Maritime Rescue expenses when you and your boat are lost and missing.

Emergency travel costs

Up to $500 to get you back to your usual place of residence after your boat has been lost or damaged or to pick up your boat after it has been repaired.

Road towing costs

Up to $1,000 to tow your boat to the nearest place of safety or repair if it has been damaged in an insured incident.

Inspection of hull after running aground

Up to $1,000 for the inspection of your hull after running aground in an incident that’s covered as part of your insurance. 

Replacing your boat

If you replace your boat while you’re insured with us, we’ll cover the new one for 14 days, and may insure it for longer at our discretion. Speak to us to find out your options

Waters-skier’s liability

Up to $10 million liability cover for accidents that happen during water skiing activities.

Cover for sailing boats when racing

Cover for when you race up to 100 nautical miles.

Lay-up period

If you don’t use your boat during parts of the year, you can lower your premium by reducing your cover. Talk to us to find out more. 

Optional: Additional cover for boat contents

If the $5,000 contents cover isn’t enough, simply ask us about increasing it for an extra premium.

Certificate of insurance

The latest certificate of insurance we have given you. It includes your insurance account. It sets out the information you have given us on which we have based our decision to insure you as well as the individual details of your policy.