Silver Advantage Hospital Plus

A high level of health cover without paying for services you might not need like pregnancy and birth services.

4% monthly discount when paid by direct debit*
4% monthly discount when paid by direct debit*

Great for:

Older singles or couples
Completed families

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I require fewer services

Silver Everyday Hospital Plus

A higher level of cover for some of the most commonly claimed services, plus additional services like back, neck and spine, palliative care and rehabilitation.

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Gold Hospital

Our most comprehensive cover. Includes everything in Silver Advantages Hospital Plus, as well as pregnancy and birth and all Medicare recognised in-hospital services.

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To compare all levels of cover, see the Hospital Cover Comparison.

Who is this great for?

Empty Nesters

John (60) and Frances (59)

John and Frances have been working their whole lives so that they could pay off their mortgage and ensure their children had plenty of opportunities. Their kids have now grown up and left home to start their own lives, so John and Frances are bringing the focus back to themselves. They took out Silver Advantage Hospital Plus health insurance to help cover some of the costs of hospital services covered on their policy.

Completed Families

Marcia (43) & Michael, (49) & Penny (14)

Marcia works in advertising and Michael is a full-time executive assistant. Marcia trains every morning at 5:30am and competes in triathlons on the weekends. While Marcia and Michael have a mortgage, they're pretty set with their routine and finances. They chose Silver Advantage Hospital Plus to cover joint investigations and replacements in case Marcia runs into trouble.

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