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Suncorp Health Insurance - Hospital and Extras

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A new name in health, a trusted name in Queensland.

It starts by making the whole process easier by letting you chat one-on-one with the specialist Suncorp Health Insurance team.

Suncorp Health Insurance’s commitment to its customers is to make the sometimes complex world of health insurance simple and transparent.

Trust is crucial when it comes to the health of you and your family - which is why you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now get Suncorp Health Insurance (backed by nib health funds).

There are 2 types of cover you can count on - Hospital Cover and Extras Cover. Hospital cover helps you avoid public hospital waiting lists and pays benefits towards the cost of private treatment when you need to be admitted. Extras cover is for everyday health services like physiotherapy and visits to your dentist. You can buy Hospital and Extras as combined cover for peace of mind, or you can choose Hospital only or Extras only.

Whether you’re a young healthy single or couple, a big family, or happily living the life of an empty-nester, we’ll help you with private health insurance that suits you and your budget.

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Why Suncorp Health Insurance?

Get the great service that you’ve come to expect. 

We’ve teamed up with nib health funds to develop a great range of new health insurance products.

Choose to use any Extras provider with professional qualifications recognised by nib health funds, giving you the comfort of knowing you’ll get 60% or 75% back every time up to your annual limit.

Claiming made easy – you can even just upload a photo of your receipt to claim.

Switching funds? There’s no re-serving waiting periods – if you’ve already served a waiting period on equivalent services with your current fund.

Talk to one of the Suncorp Health Insurance team over the phone and they’ll prepare a quote for your personal circumstances. Prices may vary based on which State you live in and what Government rebate you’ll receive.

Hospital cover

Why do you need private hospital insurance? For most of us it’s the comfort of knowing that if you or your family is ill or injured you’ll be treated quickly and by the specialist you choose.

The team can help you compare our levels of private health insurance cover to suit your budget and situation. Whether you’re a family, single, young or entering retirement, you can trust us to provide the right private hospital insurance for you.

5 types of hospital cover

Suncorp Health Insurance Basic Hospital

From $14.61*/week

$500 excess

Great for:

young & healthy

Families on a budget

Suncorp Health Insurance Basic Plus Hospital

From $18.50*/week

$500 excess

Great for:

young & healthy singles and couples

No kids

Suncorp Health Insurance Everyday Hospital

From $23.80*/week

$500 excess

Great for:

Older singles or couples


Suncorp Health Insurance Everyday Plus Hospital

From $30.38*/week

$500 excess

Great for:

Older singles & couples

completed Families

Suncorp Health Insurance
Top Hospital

From $37.88*/week

$500 excess

Great for:

complete peace of mind

Planning a family

Top level cover

*Based on the price for a single in QLD, with a 0% Lifetime Health Cover Loading, Tier 0 Government rebate, $500 Excess for hospital cover, and a 4% direct debit discount

Compare Suncorp Health Insurance Hospital cover in detail

Extras cover

Extras health insurance covers everyday services like visits to the physio, chiropractor or dental check-ups. Natural therapies are popular treatment options for those who value complementary medicine. The premium end of Extras covers hearing aids and speech therapy.

Extras services aren’t usually covered by Medicare, so if you want up to 60% or 75% of the treatment cost back, up to your limit, then Extras cover is for you.

4 types of Extras cover:

Suncorp Health Insurance Starter Extras

From $4.30*/week

Get back:

60% of the treatment cost up to your annual limit for that item

Suncorp Health Insurance Starter Plus Extras

From $6.00*/week

Get back:

60% of the treatment cost up to your annual limit for that item

Suncorp Health Insurance
Mid Extras

From $12.90*/week

Get back:

60% of the treatment cost up to your annual limit for that item

Suncorp Health Insurance
Top Extras

From $19.70*/week

Get back:

75% of the treatment cost back up to your annual limit for that item

*Based on the price for a single in QLD, with a 0% Lifetime Health Cover Loading, Tier 0 Government rebate, and a direct debit discount

Compare Suncorp Health Insurance Extras cover in detail

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Other important information

Medicare Levy Surcharge

If your taxable income is above the Medicare Levy Surcharge thresholds, and you don’t have an appropriate level of private hospital cover, you may have to pay the Medicare Levy surcharge. It is usually an extra 1 – 1.5% of tax. 

Please see the Policy Booklet for more information. 

Lifetime Health Cover Loading

Lifetime Health Cover is a loading put in place by the Federal Government. It means you'll pay a 2% loading on top of the normal premiums for each year you don't have hospital cover over age 31. The loading only applies until you've reached 10 years of continuous hospital cover.


Australian Government Rebate

To make private health insurance more affordable the Federal Government provides many Australians with a rebate.

Each year the Government provides health funds with a rebate adjustment factor which will be applied to each customer's premium (after any applicable discounts) and determined by their income tier and age. The adjusted rebate will automatically apply to any premium payments made on or after 1 April each year including customers who may be in arrears.

Please note that if you have a Lifetime Health Cover loading, the Rebate is not claimable on the LHC loading component of your premium.

Please see the Policy Booklet for more information. 

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For full details of what is and isn't covered please refer to the Policy Booklet (PDF)

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