Lower investment fees for Suncorp Everyday Super, Suncorp Brighter Super and SESP* members are here

09 April 2019

Recently, we made some investment fee changes for the Suncorp Lifestage Funds (MySuper default investment option) and certain Suncorp branded investment options available in Suncorp Brighter Super, Suncorp Everyday Super (EDS) and Suncorp Employee Superannuation Plan (SESP).

We are pleased to announce that on 13 March 2019, we reduced the investment fees for these options for our EDS, Brighter Super and SESP members. This means better value for you, as a small difference in investment fees now could add up to a significant difference to the amount in your super by the time you retire, depending on your circumstances. There is no change to any other administration or insurance fees.

Current EDS, Brighter Super and SESP members who were invested in a Suncorp Lifestage Fund prior to 13 March 2019 will receive an investment fee reduction of 12.5% (for super members) or 10% (pension members) (as applicable), and those invested in any of the eligible Suncorp branded investment options prior to that date will receive an average investment fee reduction of around 9%.

For a full list of the investment options eligible for the investment fee reduction and amount of reduction please refer to the Product Update dated 13 March 2019 (PU) for EDS and Brighter Super. These Product Updates amend the current EDS Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Product Guide, Brighter Super personal super and pension PDS and Product Guide and Brighter Super for business PDS and Product Guide. SESP members will be able to view the SESP PU, PDS and Product Guide on the SESP website.

You may want to use this opportunity to revisit how your super is invested. Log in here to see the range of Suncorp branded investment options available to you or contact our Customer Service team on 13 11 55 between 8am and 6pm (Brisbane time) Monday to Friday. Before making any decision about your super including how to invest it, please speak to a financial adviser and read the PDS and Product Guide for your product.

*SESP - Suncorp Employee Superannuation Plan