Lower concessional cap

06 December 2017

Concessional contributions are generally those made from your pre-tax income, such as those made by your employer or via salary sacrifice.

A lower annual cap

The annual cap for concessional contributions is now $25,000, regardless of age.

This $25,000 cap will be reviewed annually for indexation, in line with wages (AWOTE), but will only increase in $2,500 increments.

Carrying forward unused caps

If your total super balance is less than $500,000, you can carry forward your unused contribution cap amounts on a rolling five-year basis.

Only unused contribution cap amounts accrued from 1 July 2018 can be carried forward. From 1 July 2019 you can make additional concessional contributions on top of the general concessional cap with these unused amounts, provided your total super balance is less than $500,000.

After five years, any amounts carried forward that have not been used expire.

Additional tax on concessional contributions

If your adjusted taxable income is above $250,000 pa (previously $300,000 pa), you will pay an additional 15 per cent tax on all concessional contributions.

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