Making Payments

1. How much and how often to pay your employees
2. How to pay your employees’ super
3. Using Suncorp EASETM

How much and how often to pay your employees

As an employer, you must generally pay a minimum 10 per cent of an employee's ordinary time earnings (rising to 12 per cent by 2025) to a complying super fund at least quarterly. These are called ‘compulsory Super Guarantee’ (SG) contributions. Penalties could apply if you fail to pay these.

Some exceptions to having to pay SG contributions may include employees earning less than $450 in a calendar month (before tax), although you must still provide super support for any month in which the employee is paid $450 or more, and those under 18 years working 30 hours or less per week. 

You can also organise additional contributions for employees under salary sacrifice arrangements. Find out more at the ATO website.

Your super obligations

Employers are usually required to make SG contributions to a complying superannuation fund on at least a quarterly basis, or they may incur the SG charge.

If you use Suncorp EASE, you’ll need to pay super contributions for your employees at least two weeks prior to the SG payment cut-off dates, which are:

  • 28 October
  • 28 January
  • 28 April
  • 28 July

To find more information, please refer to the Suncorp Everyday Super Product Guide or the Suncorp Brighter Super Product Guide.

How to pay your employees’ super

Want to spend less time on super and more time running your business?

Choose from the below list which type of business customer you are and your preferred payment method.

1. A Suncorp superannuation fund is the primary (default) fund for my business

2. I just want to pay super to an employee who has chosen either Suncorp Everyday Super or Suncorp Brighter Super

  • BPAY®
  • Via a clearing house offered by another provider or the government’s small business clearing house

Suncorp EASE - Clearing House

We make it simple for you to meet your super obligations by providing a free and simple to use online payment or ‘clearing house’ solution - Suncorp EASE.

What is Suncorp EASE?

Suncorp EASE is an online superannuation payment solution to make your employees’ super payments and meet SuperStream standards and legislative obligations as outlined by the Australian Taxation Office.  It helps to remove the hassle of making super payments for your employees’ especially when making payments to multiple funds.

How will Suncorp EASE benefit you?


  • Electronic straight-through processing
  • Fast transacting (your contributions can usually be in your employees' super accounts in just two days)
  • No more writing cheques or hours of manual data input
  • Quickly update employees’ details such as salary, address, and tax file numbers.


  • Pay multiple contributions to multiple funds in one transaction
  • One easy-to-use online interface
  • Employee information at your fingertips
  • Painlessly remove employees from your employer plan when they leave your company
  • Get access to reporting for employees in your plan and those who’ve chosen another super fund in one convenient location.


  • Make your super contributions by direct debit from your bank or by direct credit
  • Easily set up an Everyday Super account, Brighter Super account or other super fund for new employees if they don’t have a stapled account and haven’t chosen another fund
  • You can input each employee’s details on screen individually
  • Or upload a payroll file if you've got lots of employees.

Suncorp EASE is free to use, providing enough of your employees have Brighter Super or Everyday Super accounts. Please see the Brighter Super or Everyday Super Product Guide for more information.

Sign up for Suncorp EASE

To use Suncorp as the default super fund to pay your employees, please sign up below.

I am new to Suncorp

Note: You’ll need your ABN and payment details. Once your account is set up we’ll give you the details of your online account and you can start setting up your employees and begin making super contributions. If you have any questions call us on 13 11 55 and we’ll talk you through it.

I am an Existing Suncorp superannuation customer

  • Call us on 13 11 55. We’ll step you through the process.

Login to Suncorp EASE

Employer User Guide


It is best to use BPAY when you only have one employee’s super to pay.

Note: If you choose to use BPAY to pay more than one employee please pay each employee individually. If you choose to send us one bulk payment for all your choice employees you will also need to send us a contributions remittance advice form.

How to use BPAY?

You can make one-off or regular payments via BPAY from your banking institution.

  • For choice employees (employees that have chosen a fund that is not your main (default) fund) - use the appropriate Biller Code for the type of contribution you are paying as shown below along with the employees’ Customer Reference Number (CRN). The CRN is located on your employees’ Choice of Fund form.
  • For default employees (employees that are with your main (default) fund) – it is best to use Suncorp EASE.

Brighter Super and Everyday Super

Biller code

Personal contribution


Spouse contribution


Employer SG/Award contribution


Employer salary sacrifice contribution


Employer voluntary contribution


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