Set up a reliable Super Fund for your employees with Suncorp Super

Find out about our streamlined service that makes running a Super Fund as easy as your online banking

Why choose Suncorp Super for your business?

With Suncorp Superannuation, we make managing your employees’ super easy with transparent options and online payment tools. Whether you are looking for a simple super option or a comprehensive super option for your employees, Suncorp can help see them through to a comfortable retirement.

Simple fees for MySuper members

0.54% p.a. admin fee and 0.31% pa investment fee.* No fee to switch. No advice fees. No surprises.

Online & Mobile access

Manage your employees’ Super online with EASETM.

Super fund members can check their balance online or on the mobile app 24/7.

Save time on Super

Our free online automated payment system, EASE, takes the stress out of paying your employees’ super, helping you save time whilst meeting your super obligations.

Compare our business funds


Suncorp Everyday Super helps you meet your obligations, is simple and easy to manage, where we create a diversified investment mix based on the age and risk profile of your business. It’s the no-fuss fund that provides members with online account management as well as simple fees.



Brighter Super is easy to set up and manage – whether you’re a small team of 12 or an organisation of 2,000+. You have power to design a valuable employee benefit that provides default insurance for your employees. And they can choose from a range of investment options or let us take care of them through the Suncorp Lifestage Fund.


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Things you should know

*The above fees are applicable to a member fully invested MySuper option (Suncorp Lifestage Fund). If a member selects another investment option other fees apply. Please see the Suncorp Brighter Super for business Product Disclosure Statement and Suncorp Brighter Super Product Guide for more information. An Indirect Cost Ratio ‘ICR’ is applicable to the Suncorp Lifestage Fund, this ranges between 0.05% - 0.08% pa. If a member’s account balance is less than $6,000 at the end of the Fund's income year, the total combined amount of administration fees, investment fees and indirect costs charged to the member is capped at 3% of the account balance. Any amount charged in excess of that cap must be refunded. The Fund receives a tax deduction for expenses related to business super investments and administration fees. As result, the actual business super investment and administration fees members pay will be reduced by up to 15%. The investment fees, indirect cost ratios and percentage administration fees have been rounded to two decimal places.