What’s the difference between market value and agreed value?

6 May 2019

Whether you’re buying a new car or one that’s been ‘pre-loved’, navigating insurance can be tricky. If you’re shopping around or making a claim, you probably have a bunch of questions about car insurance.

Getting a few of them answered and understanding things like the difference between market value and agreed value might help you be more confident when deciding to insure your vehicle.

Market value: How much am I getting?

When researching car insurance options, you may come across the term ‘market value’. This just means the amount that the market would pay for the car at the time of the incident, taking into account its various factors including its conditions and kilometres.

At Suncorp we offer you ways to insure your car, with 'market value' or 'amount covered' options for insuring your car.

If you want, you can set a specific 'amount covered'. Don’t get scared off by the jargon - it refers to the ‘amount covered ‘ shown on your Certificate of Insurance. This is the maximum amount we will pay for your car in an incident (a total loss), unless we say otherwise in your policy. This amount includes any accessories and modifications that are fitted to your car. Deductions may apply.

Alternatively, you can choose to insure for market value rather than a specific amount, if we agree. This option may reduce your premium. Except for the terms of this optional cover, the cover provided by your policy otherwise remains the same. Note: If you select this optional cover, it cannot be removed from the policy during the period of insurance. This option will show on your certificate of insurance and in the event of claim, your cars market value will be determined at the time of loss.

For Fire, Theft & Third Party Property Damage cover, your amount covered will be the market value of your car or the limit shown on your certificate of insurance (unless it’s stated otherwise in your policy). Similarly, you’ll be covered for an amount if your car is written off or needs some repairs.


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Agreed value: Locking in the price

While market value does some of the heavy lifting when it comes to deciding on what you’d reasonably pay for your car, agreed value locks in a pre-determined amount your car is worth at the time of your policy renewal.

Agreed value is more of a specialised offering and allows you to have a discussion with your insurer to come up with an agreed amount, which may or may not neccesarily be the actual market value. There are usually caveats to that too.

For example, insurers aren’t going to let you insure your 1999 Toyota Camry for $60,000 because your car isn’t worth that much. They could be more likely to agree to $2,000 for the Toyota Camry. And by comparison, the market value of the car may be somewhere below that dollar figure. So with this mind, agreed value is not a common insurance option in Australia and it can affect your premium costs more than market value agreements.

Get the right cover for your vehicle

Everybody’s needs are different when buying car insurance. So it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons for of different types of car insurance.  

You may want to think about whether you’re insured for the right amount to ideally get back what you put in.

Choosing Comprehensive Car Insurance – the ‘bells and whistles’ cover against accidental loss or damage – is something that can put you back in the drivers’ seat if things go wrong. It’s also helpful to think about Roadside Assistance or windscreen and window glass cover too.

When you get a quote for Comprehensive Car Insurance with Suncorp you can choose to insure for 'market value’, or you can choose the amount.

We’ll provide you with a dollar figure where you can adjust the amount to any number in that range. This will then be the amount we’ll pay for an insured event, minus any fees and charges. Find the right car insurance for you with an online quote today!

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