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A guide to the CTP Medical Certificate for general practitioners (GPs) and hospital staff

07 May 2024

If you’re a GP or a hospital staff member and your patient has been injured in a road accident that was not solely their fault, follow the steps below to complete the QLD CTP Medical Certificate. This will assist your patient in receiving early treatment for their injuries and help progress their CTP claim.

The CTP Scheme in QLD covers reasonable and appropriate medical expenses for anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident, other than the at-fault driver. With your assistance, your patients can access the benefits of the Qld CTP Scheme in 5 easy steps:

1. Conduct initial assessment and confirm injury was sustained in car accident

In conducting the initial medical exam, assess presenting symptoms and document all injuries that are a direct result of the accident.

An injury may be attributed to a road accident when:

  • medical evidence supports a direct connection between the treated injury (including aggravation of pre-existing conditions) and the accident
  • the duration, onset of symptoms, and initial medical consultation are consistent with the accident, and
  • the injury severity aligns with the mechanism of the accident.

We’re guided by your advice about your patient. If it’s confirmed to be the direct result of a road accident, you can let your patient know that they have the option of calling us on 13 11 60 and we can help them lodge an injury claim.

2. Complete QLD CTP Medical Certificate early

Completing the QLD Medical Certificate during the initial consultation will help your patients access the CTP scheme earlier and in turn ensure quicker recovery outcomes. By providing information about their injuries, required treatment, work capacity, and prognosis, your patient can quickly lodge and progress their CTP claim. Detailed information also assists Suncorp Insurance to make timely decisions regarding treatment funding.

Complete QLD CTP Medical Certificate

3. Help your patients lodge their claim directly with Suncorp Insurance

You can provide the completed medical certificate to your patient and get them to call us on 13 11 60 to lodge their claim directly with us. Or you can simply email the completed medical certificate with your patient’s contact details to and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll help your patient lodge a Notice of Assessment Claim (NOAC) form with the important information you’ve provided in your medical certificate. On its own, the NOAC form might seem complicated and time consuming, but Suncorp Insurance can make the process easier and quicker for your patient.

4. Provide us with your fees and invoices

Completing the CTP medical certificate can be charged under the following Medicare Benefits Schedule item numbers:

When providing us with additional invoices for payment, ensure the following information is included on each invoice:

  • patient’s name
  • CTP claim number (if known)
  • date of service provided, with each separate service listed
  • details of service provided
  • hours of service, and
  • EFT details.

For private hospital services, the invoice should also include:

  • dates on which approved in-patient services have been provided, and
  • dates on which approved services not covered by the daily bed rate have been provided – such as aids and equipment or home and vehicle modifications.

5. Organising patient rehabilitation

Once we’ve helped your patient complete the NOAC form and have received the medical certificate, we’ll complete our claim assessment within ten days and facilitate access to medical services for your patient.

Whilst Suncorp Insurance does not direct treatment, we partner with a vast network of physiotherapy and rehabilitation providers who can develop a personalised recovery plan for your patients based on your clinical assessment.

For patients with catastrophic injuries, we can facilitate application into the National Injury Insurance Scheme of QLD (NIISQ) for long term care and support.

The information is intended to be of general nature only. Subject to any rights you may have under any law, we do not accept any legal responsibility for any loss or damage, including loss of business or profits or any other indirect loss, incurred as a result of reliance upon the information. Please make your own enquiries.