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How healthcare providers can assist patients with road accident injury claims

07 May 2024

In Queensland, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance protects motor vehicle owners and drivers from being held financially responsible if they injure someone in a motor vehicle accident. It also enables a person who is injured wholly or partly due to the actions of another driver to access medical treatment and rehabilitation support as well as receiving fair and timely compensation.

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission, in consultation with insurers and health professionals, has developed rehabilitation standards for Queensland CTP insurers to ensure an injured person who has lodged a CTP claim receives timely, appropriate and reasonable rehabilitation, regardless of which CTP insurer is involved.

Role of healthcare providers

Healthcare providers perform an important role in helping people injured in motor vehicle crashes to recover from their injuries and resume a normal life. Healthcare providers treat and manage the clinical care of an injured person’s injury as well as make a significant contribution to improving health and return to work outcomes.

For general practitioners (GPs) and hospital staff

For GPs and hospital staff, we’ve written a detailed guide on how to complete the medical certificate, how you can facilitate early treatment for your patient and ensure the payment of reasonable medical costs.

Explore guide for GPs and hospital staff

For physiotherapists and allied health professionals

We have an in-depth article that focuses on how physios and allied health professionals can work with Suncorp Insurance to develop a treatment plan focused on timely and effective recovery for your patient, while ensuring all reasonable rehabilitation and medical costs are covered by us.

Explore guide for physios and allied health

Suncorp Insurance works collaboratively with healthcare providers

As Queensland’s largest CTP Insurer, the team of personal injury claim specialists at Suncorp Insurance understand injury and our top priority is ensuring quicker recovery for road accident victims. We and our partner providers will always work directly with you to assist your patient in their recovery and ensure the care they receive is tailored to their needs.

We partner with a vast network of physiotherapy and rehabilitation providers including Axis, who specialise in whiplash injuries. Axis gives your patients all the tools necessary to maximise their recovery and this service is completely funded by Suncorp Insurance.

If you’d like to find out more about our rehabilitation partners, email us at

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