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Road accident treatment plan guide for physios and allied health

07 May 2024

Physiotherapists and allied health professionals play a critical part in guiding patients through their recovery from injuries, both short and long term. If your patient has been injured in a road accident that was not solely their fault, follow the steps below to complete their treatment plan. This will assist your patient in receiving early treatment for their injuries and progress their CTP claim.

Confirm if your patient has lodged a CTP claim

Obtain your patient’s CTP claim number and the name of the CTP insurer, which you can note on the treatment plan form. If your patient hasn’t yet filed a claim or they’re unsure, simply let them know that they can call us on 13 11 60 and we can help make the lodgement process easier for them.

Submit detailed physical/mental treatment plan

Ensuring that the rehabilitation plan is filled out correctly will assist us in funding your patient's reasonable and appropriate treatment. It will also help your patient avoid any out-of-pocket expenses for the medical services provided.

You can find a link to the treatment plans here.

Complete treatment plan

Treatment plan approval requirements

Treatment requests are reviewed by our internal team of allied health professionals.

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission regulates the CTP scheme in Queensland and defines ‘reasonable and appropriate’ treatment based on the following (but not limited to) factors:

  • Is there a causal relationship between the injury being treated and the motor accident?
  • Will the service/treatment assist the customer to return to their usual pre-accident activities and improve their ability to function?
  • For ongoing treatment, has there been or is there likely to be further benefit to the customer’s recovery as evidenced by improving outcome measures?
  • Is the requested service/treatment appropriate? E.g. in line with relevant clinical guidelines?
  • Is the cost of treatment in line with what a member of the public without a CTP insurance claim would be charged for the same service and in line with normal market rates?
  • Will the service/treatment be provided by an appropriately qualified Health Practitioner?

If the treatment requested satisfies these criteria Suncorp Insurance must respond and approve the treatment within ten calendar days.

For full list of criteria please see the regulator’s guidelines here.

Send detailed fees and invoices

To facilitate the payment of invoices for approved treatment plans, ensure the following information is included on each invoice:

  • patient’s name
  • CTP claim number (if known)
  • date of service provided, with each separate service listed
  • details of service provided
  • hours of service, and
  • EFT details.

For private hospital services, the invoice should also include:

  • dates on which approved in-patient services have been provided, and
  • dates on which approved services not covered by the daily bed rate have been provided – such as aids and equipment or home and vehicle modifications.

Submit regular update reports

We require regular reports on the patient’s progress in relation to the goals set out in their treatment plan. We’ll discuss the frequency and format of these reports at the onset of approving the treatment plan.

Notification of discharge or completion of program

If the patient requires further healthcare services or they have completed the intended treatment plan, let us know and we’ll liaise with the patient or their family and the rehabilitation team to ensure any required modifications or services are in place prior to their discharge.

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