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10 easy ways to get happy

Being happy and optimistic can often help you to bounce back from life's challenges and find the positives. Here, we discuss 10 ways you can help your daughter achieve happiness. - Find out more

How to identify and deal with cyberbullying

As the Internet continues to expand, so too does the risk of cyberbullying. Read about how to identify cyberbullying and what to do about it. - Find out more

Goal setting 101

What do you want to achieve right now? In six months? In six years? Read Rebecca Sparrow's ultimate guide to setting goals and achieving them at any age. - Find out more

Why goal setting is important for children

Goals give us direction, keep us focused, and increase our chances of achieving what we want. Find out the best way to teach kids about goal setting here. - Read more

VIDEO: How to effectively communicate with your teenager

Do you have trouble getting through to your teen? Psychologist Clare Rowe offers some tips on creating quality conversation in this video. - Watch the video

6 reasons for your daughter to play a team sport

Playing sport has more than just health and physical benefits. Read about how to strengthen your daughters' self-esteem, friendships and confidence through team sports. - Read more

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