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Future of Cars

From driverless cars to the future of public transportation. The future of mobility and how people get around is evolving every day. Ride sharing services and self-driving cars have already hit our roads, and though flying cars may be a long way away, the future of cars has already begun.

Why Australia is preparing for driverless cars

When the world converts to driverless cars, will we need traffic lights? Would people still drive ambulances? Meet the people looking to answer these questions – Read more

Transport technology of the future around the world

When digital innovation meets the automotive and transport sector, exciting things take form. Learn about some of the world’s top tech transport trends - Read more

The road to ride sharing in Australia

What is the difference between calling a taxi and using a ride sharing service? And why is Australia so far behind the pack? - Read more

The ethics of autonomous vehicles

There are many practical and technical questions about the implementation of autonomous vehicles. But there are also many ethical questions that should be considered - Read more

The cost of car ownership in Australia

Australians love driving and most of us prefer to drive to work than take any other method, but is it the most financially savvy thing to do? - Read more

Car sharing: The pros and cons

How much does it cost you to run your car? Is car sharing an option that makes more sense for your driving needs? Discover the pros and cons to find out - Read more

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