Team Girls

For teen girls, sport can be a confidence-game changer. You can change the score by helping the special girls in your life to stay in the game and boost their own confidence – read on here for articles and tools to help you along the way.

Every girl’s endgame: AIS Athletes

At Suncorp, we’re committed to women’s sport. Partnering with the AIS, we spoke to five incredible female athletes about what it takes to get to the top.

Staying in the Game

At Suncorp, we’re committed to women’s sport. We spoke with netball legends Laura Geitz & Gretel Bueta about what kept them coming back for more on the court.

Video: Laura Geitz's top tips for the off-season

Suncorp Team Girls ambassador, Laura Geitz gives her top tips for staying active and connected during the off-season.

My Support Team: Bryan Fletcher

In 'My Support Team', join former NRL athlete. Bryan Fletcher, as he reflects on his role as a parent, supporting his daughters through their netball journeys.

My Support Team: Caitlin Bassett

In ‘My Support Team’, join former Australian Diamonds captain, Caitlin Bassett as she reflects on her elite netball playing career and the support she has received along the way.

In Their Corner: Suncorp Super Netball

Suncorp Super Netball stars share their stories of the impact that playing sport has had on their lives and. their biggest supporters on their netball journey from families through to current teammates.

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