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Maintaining your home

Find out the best ways to protect your home and its contents from damage or unwanted guests. Home insurance is just one way to give you peace of mind. Explore more now.

What's the difference: Refinancing or applying for a new mortgage?

There are many reasons you might need to get more out of your home loan. What’s the difference between refinancing or applying for a new mortgage, and which could work for you?

Affordable ways to make your home more secure

Home security doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Discover simple, affordable ways to keep your home safe.

How to prepare your home for storm and cyclone season

Stay ahead of the storm this cyclone season with this guide to making your home ready for major storms.

How to make a claim after a storm or cyclone

After a major storm or cyclone, find out how to make an insurance claim as fast and efficiently as possible.

Suncorp’s cyclone preparation checklist and guide

Get cyclone-ready with Suncorp’s guide to what to do three weeks, three days and three hours in advance.

What is underinsurance?

It’s important to avoid underinsurance. Read on to learn more about what underinsurance is and get some handy tips on how to avoid becoming underinsured.

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Need a tradie?

Connect with tradies in your area and get help with your home repairs and maintenance needs.

Find a local tradie