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Team Girls is dedicated to fostering and promoting girls’ participation in sport. It’s about girls supporting girls, building up their confidence, and knowing they’re stronger when they stand together – on and off the court.

We’ve teamed up with PlayersVoice to bring you five inspiring stories from Aussie athletes that have played at the highest level. Check out the stories of Liz Ellis. Laura Geitz, Ash Brazill, Alicia Quirk and Morgan Mitchell below.

Figuring out who you are

Ash Brazill

For Ash Brazil growing up playing netball was a safe space to figure out who she was. By being in an environment where people were so accepting of her helped her confidence. She says that meeting people from sport showed her you are who you are and you can do whatever you want. She believes that, without sport, she wouldn’t have the relationship with her family she has but also she wouldn’t have the life experience she has had.

Watch Ash talk about how sport gave her confidence to be herself

Learning from new sports

Morgan Mitchell

From a young age Morgan’s mum encouraged her and her two sisters to play sport. At the age of 7, she told her mum she wanted to be an Olympian so her mum and aunt bought her a gold bracelet with a running shoe charm. She still has the bracelet. As a child Morgan was shy and says playing sport helped her to become more confident. It’s this confidence, she believes, that causes good thoughts which translate into good actions. It also meant she met new friends, friends which she still has to this day.

Watch Morgan talk about how sport gave her confidence

The reasons Liz never quit

Liz Ellis

Liz loved netball from the get go, yet in year 12 people advised her to drop it. But she stuck with it. That turned out to be a great decision because, not only did it give her “balance, stress relief and something to do” but she ended up becoming the most capped international player for Australian netball.

Watch Liz talk about why the spirit of Team Girls is so important to her.

Finding where you fit

Laura Geitz

By playing netball Laura managed to turn an overwhelming teenage anxiety into a terrific asset. She knows how hard it is for teenage girls to ‘fit in’ but with the help, acceptance and, ultimately, confidence she got from her netball team, she realised that she could feel comfortable with who she truly was.

Watch Laura explain the importance of the Team Girls initiative.

Conquering your fears

Alicia Quirk

For Alicia, playing team sport as a young girl gave her confidence to be herself. It taught her the importance of team work, self-belief and how to chase goals. When she told people she wanted to be an Olympian they laughed but she never let anyone tell her she wasn’t good enough, and in 2016 she won gold. Alilcia says having people around you that support you can give you the confidence to be who you want to be.

Watch Alicia talk about why Team Girls is so important to her.

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