VIDEO: Team Girls Tips

21 June 2019

Suncorp Team Girls logo

Team Girls is dedicated to fostering and promoting girls’ participation in sport. It’s about girls supporting girls, building up their confidence, and knowing they’re stronger when they stand together – on and off the court.

Suncorp Super Netball’s best players have shared their favourite tips for on-court success. Watch below as they run through their most well known moves!

Kim Green: Dodge and Drop

Liz Watson: Front Cut

Courtney Bruce: Hedge to Intercept

Gretel Tippett, Jamie-Lee Price and Sophie Garbin

Gretel Tippett and the Fake Pass Layup, Jamie-Lee Price and Getting around the Body, and Sophie Garbin with Holding your Defender.

Setting Up a Screen

Breaking a Double Team

Swivel Pass

Romelda Aiken, Laura Scherian and Maria Folau

Romelda Aiken and the One Handed Catch, Laura Scherian and the Pass and Cut to Circle Edge, and Maria Folau and Turning Fully on the Catch.

Renae Ingles, Kaylia Stanton and Verity Charles

Renae Ingles with Effective Hands Over, Kaylia Stanton and the Drive and Roll, and Verity Charles with Using the Ball to Stay Onside.