Property Investment

Make the most of your investment property by exploring ways to increase value and protect your asset. 

Investment vs Owner-Occupied Loans: What You Need to Know | Suncorp Bank

Thinking about your next property purchase? We’ll explain some of the differences between investment and owner-occupied home loans

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Property Investment | Suncorp Bank

Interested in purchasing an investment property? Learn about the pros and cons of property investment.

Keeping Your First Home As An Investment Property | Suncorp Bank

What are the ins and outs of renting your first home instead of selling it? We take a closer look at keeping vs selling your castle as an investment property.

How To Know The Yield On Your Investment Property | Suncorp Bank

Knowing the yield of an investment property could help you to compare properties. But how do you calculate it? Find out in this short, clear guide.

Choosing the right investment property strategy

Choosing the right property strategy can be a crucial step in securing a successful investment. Discover some time-tested fundamentals that can help you get started.

Things to consider when building an investment property portfolio

Thinking about investing in property? Find out considerations that can help you to invest with more confidence.

Tips on managing a housing investment portfolio

As you embark on the exhilarating journey of managing a housing investment portfolio, it's essential to navigate the waters with foresight and strategy.

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