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What does CTP Insurance cover in Queensland?

11 May 2021

Whether you’re driving in central Brisbane or outback Queensland, or taking the coastal route to the Sunshine Coast, there’s always a chance you could make a mistake on the road. Usually accidents are small and don’t incur much damage — but sometimes serious accidents happen that, unfortunately, result in personal injury.

That’s where Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance comes in. It’s designed to protect drivers from the potentially huge costs of legal liability when personal injuries or fatalities occur.

What does CTP insurance cover in Queensland?

CTP Insurance covers your liability, and the liability of anyone who drives your vehicle, for injuries caused to others in a motor vehicle accident. This can include injuries to:

  • your passengers
  • the driver and passengers in other vehicles
  • cyclists, and
  • pedestrians.

Basically, the cover is for anybody that was injured in an accident — except you, if you’re at fault.

Likewise, if you’re injured in an accident and you weren’t at fault, the other driver’s CTP insurance can help cover your medical bills.

How do you get CTP Insurance in Queensland?

CTP Insurance is mandatory in all states and territories. It’s how you get it that varies between states.

For drivers living in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania, it’s managed by the state government body and is included in your rego payment.

But in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, drivers can choose their CTP provider, and must have it arranged before their registration can be finalised.

When you buy a new or used vehicle from a motor dealer, generally they can arrange registration and CTP Insurance for you. But it’s important to know that you have the right to choose your preferred provider.

Suncorp Insurance offers a multi-policy discount when you hold three or more eligible policies with us*. FYI, the discount won’t apply to CTP Insurance premiums, but CTP can count as one of your three policies and let you enjoy a discount on the others.

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How CTP differs from Comprehensive Insurance

The difference between CTP Insurance and other kinds of car insurance, such as Comprehensive Car Insurance or Third Party Car Insurance, is that CTP Insurance covers death or injury to other people caused by you when you’re driving. It doesn't cover damage to your car or other people’s cars or property.

If you’re looking to cover your car for damage, find out more about our Comprehensive Car Insurance.

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*15% Multi Policy Discount: Combine 3 or more eligible products with us and you could qualify for a 15% Multi-Policy Discount. Eligible policies are Suncorp Home, Contents, Landlord, Car, Motorcycle, Caravan (including trailer), Motorhome and Boat. Suncorp Qld CTP Insurance counts as an eligible policy, but it cannot be discounted due to government regulations. Refer to the relevant motor or home Additional Information Guide for more details. Discounts do not apply to Suncorp Roadside Assist, Suncorp Insurance Home Assist and Excess-free Glass optional covers. View full terms and conditions.

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