What happens after a car insurance claim 

26 March 2021

Making your first car insurance claim? You’re probably wondering what happens after you hit ‘’lodge’’. Here’s a guide to what comes next, from the claims assessment to booking in a repairer.

How we assess your claim

Our frontline specialists, armed with a state-of-the-art data analytics tool, evaluate the damage at lodgement to determine the next steps to manage your claim. Based on your circumstances, we may direct you to one of our trusted repairers, or an alternate location to further assess your vehicle.

Whatever the outcome, you’ll be able to track your claim online with the Suncorp Insurance App. That’s right — even if you’ve lodged your claim through our contact centre. You’ll get personalised updates, keeping you up to date with the claims process, every time you log in.

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How we choose a repairer

Here’s where our data analytics tool comes in handy again. It helps our claims assessors find the most suitable repairer based on things like:

  • the size and type of damage,
  • your car model, and
  • your location.

We base our decisions on our past data — years of it, in fact. This way, we know you’ll have a repairer that’ll provide a good outcome.

What it takes to be a Suncorp partner repairer

With our network of approximately 300 trusted repairers nation-wide, we have the resources to provide the highest level of service for our customers. All of our authorised repairers abide by the Suncorp vehicle repair standard. That means they’ll have to meet certain requirements for shop equipment, staff training and customer service.

All repairs authorised by us also come with a lifetime repair guarantee. This means that for the life of the vehicle, you can come to us for help with any issues with the repairs or materials, for no extra charge.

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Can I nominate my own repairer?

Yes, you can, if you have a Suncorp Car Insurance policy. When lodging a claim, you’ll be given a choice between nominating your own repairer or choosing from our list of options.

What about items inside your vehicle?

If you’re comprehensively insured with Suncorp Insurance, and your personal items — for example baby capsules or child seats — are damaged in an insured event, we’ll cover the reasonable costs, up to a limit. For more info on your coverage, please read your PDS.  

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