Contents items

We cover your household items that you own or are responsible for and use primarily for domestic purposes. There are different fixed and flexible limits which apply to some items depending on your level of cover. You can choose to increase the limit for some items. Optional covers are available to provide cover for some contents items away from the home. Like any insurance policy, there are always some things we don't cover.

This is a summary only. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details.

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Coverage options

Carpets and rugs – hand knot or handwoven

Home computers and electronic tablets, laptops, phones, unfixed electrical goods and appliances

Jewellery and watches

Furniture and furnishings

Food and medication spoilage


Works of art

Internal blinds, drapes, and curtains

Collections, sets, and memorabilia

Pot plants

General contents


Golf cart and buggy, wheelchairs and mobility scooters or similar aids

Ride-on mowers

Surfboards, sailboards, kite surfing equipment, canoes, kayaks and non-motorised surf skis

Remote controlled model or toy watercraft or aircraft

Remote controlled model or toy model car

Medical equipment and aids

Accidental breakage of glass - contents

Removal of debris (contents)

Accessories and spare parts

Contents temporarily removed

Contents in Commercial Storage

Contents in transit

Lock replacement (contents)

Supplementary living expenses (contents)

Visitor's contents

Storage of undamaged contents

Costs to re-establish important documents

Contents on common property

Prevention of access when you have contents cover

Security attendance fees (contents)

Damage from physical injury or incident

Fatal injury compensation (contents)

Matching undamaged parts (contents)

Tools of Trade

Spas and air conditioners (units only)

Carpets and rugs – hand knot or handwoven

Lino (units only)

Floating wooden floors (units only)

Wall paint and paper (NSW units only)

If contents are insured in a unit


Temporary accommodation for tenants and strata title owners