Arm in a cast

Damage from physical injury or incident


Learn more about what coverage your contents could receive with Suncorp’s Contents Insurance should they be damaged from physical injury or incident.

What policy covers damage from physical injury and incident


It’s covered up to $20,000 for any one incident

Classic Extras

It’s covered up to $20,000 for any one incident

Classic Advantages

It’s covered up to $20,000 for any one incident

What’s great about this cover is that you can lodge a claim, even if accidental loss or damage is not caused by an insured event. There are however exclusions to this additional cover, which you can learn more about in the ‘things we don’t cover’ section of the Product Disclosure Statement.

What’s covered

We’ll cover damage to and/or soiling of your contents that occurs as a result of physical assaults or death; and forensic or police investigations associated with the incident. We’ll also cover the resultant costs of specialist forensic and other cleaning services and the removal of biohazard materials.

The most we will pay for any one incident is outlined in the table above.

What’s not covered

We do not cover damage or soiling caused by incidents that are not the result of physical assaults or death, and we do not cover odour removal. You can learn more about this coverage and other exclusions in the PDS.