Home computers and electronic tablets, laptops, phones, unfixed electrical goods and appliances


Electronic devices and appliances offer convenience and comfort. Meaning that many of us would be lost without them – whether in our personal or professional lives.

What policy covers loss or damage to home computers, etc



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What’s covered

Our contents cover provides coverage for insured incidents to home computers and electronic tablets (e.g. iPads), laptops, mobile or satellite phones, unfixed electrical goods, and appliances not housed in a cabinet within the home. For claims on items over $3,000, we will ask for proof of purchase, a professional valuation and a photograph.

Also, what’s great about Suncorp Contents Insurance is that separate optional covers are available to cover items you take away from the home regularly – like a mobile phone, laptop or electronic tablet. You can find more information on this optional coverage in the Product Disclosure Statement.

What’s not covered

There are some instances where your contents will not be covered for loss or damage under this policy. An example of this would be if loss or damage occurred to an electrical or electronic item that can no longer be used for the intended purpose, like a television that can’t be turned on and watched.

There are exceptions, which are located in the Product Disclosure Statement. You can also find more information on coverage details and exclusions to this policy in the Product Disclosure Statement.