Costs to re-establish important documents


There are certain documents and pieces of paper of extreme importance – and in some instances, we’d be lost without them. Learn more about this particular coverage below.

What policy covers costs to re-establish important documents


It’s covered up to $500 for any one incident.

Classic Extras

It’s covered up to $1000 for any one incident.

Classic Advantages

It’s covered up to $2000 for any one incident.

What’s covered

We’ll cover the cost of replacing important documents if they are lost or damaged in the same insured event as your contents. Documents such as your passport, wills, land titles for your home, marriage or birth certificates, jewellery valuation, driver's licences, and citizen certificates. The most we will pay for any one incident for our levels of cover is outlined in the table above.

What’s not covered

There are some instances where you will not receive coverage for this. Such as, the loss or damage was the result of an event not covered under this policy, like loss or damage due to mould or mildew. You can learn more about this coverage in the Product Disclosure Statement.