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30 July 2018

As a parent, there will always be difficult conversations to navigate with your tween or teen. From first relationships, to earning their own money, to making the wrong friendship choices; every child is different. Invariably, one of the topics will be around juggling the many priorities and activities of being a teenager.

When life gets too busy or school and study ramps up, sport is often the first thing to drop off the calendar, when,often in reality, it should be the last.

The Suncorp Australian Youth and Confidence 2017 Research Report

The Suncorp Australian Youth and Confidence 2017 Research Report tells us that playing sport or being physically active provides children with invaluable skills that can be applied on and off the court or field including: teamwork, resilience and, leadership. That’s not to mention the physical benefits such as better concentration, stress relief, improved sleep and overall mood boosts. All of which are essential for a young person going through the challenges of high school and adolescence.

So, how do you keep them playing sport when they’re convinced they want to quit?

Introducing the Team Girls toolkit

Resources and tips to help you navigate those tough conversations with your daughter around quitting sport.

Practical tips and advice for parents

The Suncorp Team Girls Toolkit includes a range of resources for parents, developed with our partners and ambassadors, including author Rebecca Sparrow. The toolkit provides practical tips and advice for parents about how to handle conversations with your daughter around the importance of sport and being active. It includes:

  • Checklist – before you agree to your daughter’s pleas to throw in the towel and stop playing sport, make sure you try each of these simple strategies.
  • Let’s chat – a comprehensive guide to navigating the tough conversations with your daughter around quitting sport. Whatever the reason she wants to quit, Bec Sparrow has a response to help her see the benefits of sport.
  • Sports guide – if your child is unhappy playing one sport, there are many other options to try, as outlined in this guide.
  • Team Girls in 10 podcast – Bec Sparrow interviews former Diamonds co-captain and Suncorp Team Girls Ambassador Clare McMeniman, about her netball journey and why she is passionate about getting girls moving.

Each resource can be downloaded and saved onto your phone, tablet or computer to quickly refer to, whenever you or your daughter needs.


'I can honestly say, some of the best times throughout my lifetime, have been as a result of playing team sport. Sport is one of THE best things to stay involved in, particularly during those teenage years. Through sport you will benefit from the support and encouragement of your teammates as well as self-belief, confidence and so many other positive experiences’.

Laura Geitz, Queensland Firebirds player and Suncorp Team Girls Ambassador


Sport builds confidence for life. Start playing, keep playing.


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