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Netball Star Gretel Bueta on Becoming the Best

14 May 2020

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A player for the ages, Gretel enlightens us on the importance of confidence.

In collaboration with Business Chicks, we talked to Australian netballer Gretel Bueta (née Tippett).

Gretel Tippett

Netball has never been more dynamic, and one player who is dominating the sport right now is Gretel Bueta. With endless energy and a 96% goal accuracy rate, Gretel’s star continues to rise.

Having mastered basketball during her tenure in the WNBA, Gretel has turned her focus to netball in recent years – where she almost immediately made her name in the game as a fierce competitor. Thanks to her hard work, razor-sharp focus and instincts on the court, Gretel is not only a talented athlete – she is quickly becoming a top role model for young fans.

We sat down with Gretel to learn why she’s such an inspiring player and an empowering role model for young Australian girls.

Gretel on mentoring

Gretel’s sporting role models, even during her basketball career, were star players Laura Geitz and Clare Ferguson.

"In terms of netball mentors, I can’t go past my now two closest friends Laura Geitz and Clare Ferguson. I idolised these two women… When I was lucky enough to get the call up to Firebirds these two took me under their wings and brought out the very best in those around them. They led from the front, were fearless, loved to have a joke… and I feel truly blessed to have them in my life."

Gretel on nutrition

Not only is Gretel an athlete, she has a Bachelor of Nutrition from Griffith University and works in the field on the side.

"Health has always been a huge passion of mine. I have my mum to thank for this one, she would always tell us why we were eating certain foods and how good it would make us feel when we ate those foods…I just want to help others who don’t already know how good you can feel from eating healthy, wholesome foods. It’s super simple, yet it’s a lifestyle that is so rewarding."

Gretel on team spirit

One of the main aspects of team sport that keeps kids hooked is the spirit of the team and the comradery that comes with being a tight knit crew.

"I believe sport is so great in teaching you life lessons that also help you in the outside world. Growing up I played a lot of sport, and I always leaned towards playing a team sport because of the social aspect. Building relationships and working together to achieve a common goal is so important in sport, and I believe pretty important in day to day life too. Sport also forces you to be more resilient, to show humility and have persistents in achieving your goals, which is super handy to have in the outside world too!"

Gretel on teenage confidence

We all face similar struggles as teenagers, like feeling insecure and trying to navigate our changing bodies, interests and identities. Gretel’s advice for teen girls is easy and effective:

"Find what you love to do and do what you love. Enjoy the journey, and strap yourself in!"

Read the original interview with Gretel here.


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