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Learn how to stay safe online and protect yourself from scams and fraud with our comprehensive online security guides.  

How To Stay Safe Online This Christmas

Christmas is a Time of Relaxation and Gift Giving. It’s Also a Time When Cybercriminals Strike. Find Out How to Stay Safe Online This Festive Period.

6 tips to creating a secure password

Passwords, PINs, passphrases and authentication are the keys to your online security. If your password is captured, guessed or stolen, it can be anything from a mild inconvenience to a financial and legal disaster.

Online scams to be aware of and how to stay safe online

Each year scams cost individual Australians, businesses and the economy hundreds of millions of dollars. In fact, according to, Australians lost over $229 million to scams in 2015.

Why online privacy is important

We're sharing our lives through social media now more than ever. If we’re voluntarily handing over so much personal information, what’s so important about online privacy?

How virus protection software can help you stay smart online

Internet security, in the form of virus protection software, can help you stay smart online by protecting you from malicious software (malware), viruses, spyware, data phishing and a whole host of other online nasties.

How to backup your computer and why

For most of us, our entire digital lives are on our computers, phones or tablets. Everything from precious family photos to music, important documents and data. Losing this important and sometimes irreplaceable information can be both heart-breaking and costly.

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