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Family & Relationships

Speaking to family and friends about money matters can be an awkward topic, and sometimes can be the cause of over spending or relationship trouble. We provide some simple tips to help kick-start the conversations. 

Wedding styles to suit your budget

Your budget shoudn’t determine whether you get your dream wedding or not – read more to find out how to budget for your wedding style.

Fun on a budget! 14 ways to keep your kids entertained over the holidays

There are plenty of options for keeping the cost of entertaining your kids down. Here are a few fun options for cheap! - Find out more

Tips to improve your kid’s spending habits

Spending money is often unavoidable – but developing better spending habits is something you can teach your kids. Read more.

Developing your child’s savings habits

Do your kids know the value of money? And importantly, the value of savings? Download a helpful fact sheet to help you start the conversation – Read more.

When two (bank accounts) become one: sharing finances with your partner

There are a lot of things to consider when getting married, including how you want to handle your finances. Learn everything you need to now about merging your bank accounts.

VIDEO: How would you spend $1000?

If $1000 were to fall into your lap, would you spend it or save it? As Man of Many discovered, we all like having room in our budget to spend how we please – Watch now.

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