Can I renew my expired car insurance? 

1 February 2023

Keeping your car insured can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re covered if an event covered by your policy were to occur.

At Suncorp Insurance, whether you can renew a recently expired car insurance policy depends on various circumstances, including how much time has passed since the policy expired.  

When does my car insurance expire?

Generally, a Suncorp Car Insurance policy lasts for 12 months. Your Certificate of Insurance will tell you the date your insurance is due to expire. A few weeks before this date, we’ll send you renewal documents which will also outline this date and further information about your policy’s expiration. 

Log in to your My Suncorp account to see when your Suncorp Car Insurance is set to expire.

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Can I renew my car insurance once it expires? 

You may still be able to renew your expired car insurance online if it only very recently expired. Log in to your My Suncorp account to see if you can pay for it online. Keep in mind that there is no cover once your policy has expired.  

If you are experiencing financial hardship, Suncorp Insurance is here to help you. We have dedicated services for situations like these so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Benefits of renewing your car insurance before it expires

 There are a range of benefits associated with renewing your car insurance before it expires, such as the following: 

  • Maintaining an active policy. By renewing your car insurance on time, you can continue to enjoy an active policy when driving your vehicle. If your policy has expired, you will not be covered for incidents that occur after this date. So, if your car crashes two days after your insurance has expired and you have not renewed your policy, then you could be out of cover.
  • Keeping your Claims Free Driver Rewards which recognises your years of good driving experience with us. If you let your comprehensive policy expire, any credits you have earned may expire with your policy. Learn more about Suncorp’s Claims Free Driver Rewards. If your policy has only very recently expired, you may still be able to renew your policy online and retain your cover and rewards. 

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If my car insurance expires today, can I still drive?  

While you can still legally drive your vehicle once your Suncorp Car Insurance has expired, you’ll no longer be insured if you have to make a claim under your policy. For example, if your vehicle was involved in an accident on the road where you were at fault, you could face various out-of-pocket expenses. 

How to pick your car insurance 

Choosing the right car insurance for your circumstances and needs is integral to maintaining cover that works for you. At Suncorp Insurance, we offer the following types of car insurance  policies for our customers.

Comprehensive cover 

Suncorp offers 3 levels of Comprehensive Car Insurance:

  1. Comprehensive Advantages cover 
  2. Comprehensive Extras cover 
  3. Comprehensive cover

 This ensures you’re covered for a range of incidents, including the following: 

  • Accidental damage or loss from events such as flood, fire, storm, collision, and impact.
  • Accidental loss or damage to another person’s vehicle or property (up to $20 million).
  • Theft, malicious damage or vandalism to your car. 

Fire, Theft & Third Party Property Damage

Fire, Theft & Third Party Property Damage insurance provides cover for accidental loss or damage to your car caused by fire and theft. It also covers your legal liability for damage your car causes to other people’s vehicles or property (up to $20 mil).  

Third Party Property Damage 

Third Party Property Damage insurance covers your legal liability against damage your car causes to other people’s vehicle or property (up to $20 mil).

Find the best Suncorp Car Insurance policy for your needs today.  

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