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My Car

A car is a valuable asset which enables you to lead the lifestyle you want. There is a lot you can do to protect and maintain your car.

How to claim for a car accident injury

Learn how to make a car accident injury claim and how our team of specialists will guide you through your recovery.

Injured in a car accident? You don’t need a lawyer to claim

Lodging a claim directly with Suncorp Insurance will usually lead to quicker treatment, rehabilitation, and save you money on legal fees.

What am I covered for when I’m off-road driving?

Wondering what 4x4 car insurance covers? Here’s what you need to know when off-road driving.

Rideshare insurance for drivers

Unsure what insurance you need as a rideshare driver? Explore the different types of cover available and ensure your car and source of income is protected.

Your essential car maintenance guide

Learn the basics of car maintenance and find out how to keep your car running smoothly and safely.

Simple car repair options for scratches and minor dents

Not all car scuffs will need an insurance claim in order to be fixed. Learn a few techniques to repair a car scratch or dent.

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