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Streamline your life: productivity apps for living efficiently

7 September 2018

Australians are using their phones more than ever. In fact, the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2017* found that mobile usage has infiltrated every facet of our daily lives, with 35% of us checking our phone in the first 5 minutes of waking up, and 70% of people admitting to using their phones when eating with friends or family.

Having our noses buried in our mobile devices has become the new social norm. While there are (and likely always will be) some critics of society’s burgeoning technology obsession, there’s a lot to be said about the positive affects these tech-advancements can have. As with most things, the power packed into our tiny handheld devices can be used for good, or for… not so good (not pointing any fingers, Candy Crush).

Say what you will about Australia’s love for their phones, but there are some fantastic, actually-life-changing apps out there. The following apps are all about streamlining your life, and could be exactly what you need to discover a level of efficiency like you’ve never known before.

Finding the best apps for productivity

Forming habits (and keeping them)

Once upon a time, developing the skills to form healthy habits took a bunch of self-discipline (and maybe a few half-read self help books, too). It still takes a level of willpower to create daily routines and customs that you’ll actually stick to, but apps in this field can certainly make it easier.

With reminders, gamefiied rewards and seamless goal tracking, our phones make it easier than ever to efficiently form (and keep!) those habits you know will improve your life. It could be centred around productivity, health, or something else entirely – whatever you find important.

All-in-one finances & insurance

If you really want to get on top of that life admin, an app that let’s you access your various banking accounts and insurance policies in one place might be just what you need. Imagine your money, home, care, and life, all in one place.

That’s what the Suncorp App offers. A unique addition to the market, the Suncorp App helps you to streamline your life and efficiently access your finances and insurance policies in one place.

Discover the new Suncorp App

Keeping you on task

We’re a nation who gets distracted easily. Or, maybe it’s just that we like to be engaged simultaneously across various devices and mediums. If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through social media on your phone while ‘watching’ something on the TV, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

There are a plethora of apps out there that help you stay focussed and on task. Many of them mirror (or improve on) the Pomodoro technique – a system that encourages you to work in short, concentrated bursts of time (i.e. 10-15 minutes) on a particular task, before switching to a new task or taking a break.

Some apps even control the notifications you get, to really help you get in the zone sans distractions. Others gameify the completion of tasks, so you feel excited to tick off those to do list items. Whatever specific functions they hold, these apps can be incredibly effective in saving you from procrastinating and turning you into a productivity machine.

The brain dump

You may have already heard the phrase ‘brain dump’ before, but, if not, allow us to explain. Basically, this aptly coined phrase describes the act of taking everything (well, nearly everything) swirling around in that brilliant mind of yours and getting it out – whether that’s scribbled on a piece of paper or in the notes on your phone.

The brain dump has been heralded as a way of not letting those little things that inevitably build up undo you. You know what we mean – those small-but-significant tasks you have rolling around in the back of your mind, or those innocent, nagging thoughts that can easily grow into something that takes up all of your attention.

Rather than letting these thoughts derail your productivity, there are apps that encourage and even remind you to essentially do a brain dump. By writing down thoughts or tasks as they pop up in your mind, you can feel satisfied that they’re filed away somewhere so you won’t forget, without them distracting them from more important things.

Password management

Most people are aware of the importance of password security – both in choosing one that’s hard for anyone else to work out, and having variations across different accounts so if you do get hacked in one place, you’re not compromising your security elsewhere.

But remembering all those passwords can be a bit tricky, and chasing them down can waste a surprising amount of time. How much more efficient would you be if you didn’t have to reset your password every time you logged into an account on a device that doesn’t automatically remember your credentials?

There are a number of secure, easy-to-use password management apps that make it easy to store those encrypted phrases. Many of them do a comprehensive analysis of your existing passwords too, so that you can make sure your online presence is as secure as possible. By syncing across all your platforms, these apps can save you time trying to sign in, and hopefully ensure you never have to see that “your password is incorrect” error message again.

6 tips to creating a secure password

In Australia, our mobile phone usage is steadily increasing. While there are definitely some potential cons to this, there’s no denying the positive impact technological impacts can have on our life. The apps in this article are all designed to make your life more efficient and, in effect, easier. Check them out today - you might be surprised by just how much they revolutionise your daily life!

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*Source: Deloitte, Mobile Consumer Survey 2017


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