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The future of mobile apps

22 November 2018

Trends to look out for in 2019

Smartphones are clearly integral to most of our lives – using them for everything from streaming live sports right through to checking the weather. In fact, the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2017* found that Australia is on track to exceed global smartphone use trends, expected to surpass 90% by the end of 2018 while the rest of the world will take until 2023.

So what’s driving us to use our phones more? A big part of it is the innovation and technology powering our phones, which is making huge inroads in generating new ideas, opportunities and exciting development trends. Mobile app developers have been mega busy creating fun and innovative new platforms for us to get the most use out of our mobile phones, like these trends that have already shaped this year and will continue to do so for the rest of 2018.

Advancements in mobile app development

Integration of chatbots into apps

If you think messaging apps are just for contacting friends and families, think again. More and more of us are using these kinds of apps to chat to brands, with a growing expectation to be able to do so 24/7. It’s meaning businesses need to be more available than ever, and the answer they’re seeking? Chatbots.

Mobile app development trends indicate that chatbots are now merging with services like online shopping, food delivery and cab services. More and more, they’re helping people find quick and precise answers to solve their queries. Take Scout, for example. Available 24/7, Scout is Suncorp App’s clever virtual assistant who can give you personalized answers for your banking and insurance needs, like when insurance payments are due, for example.

Download the Suncorp App and meet Scout

More mobile payments options

Forgot your wallet? Don’t worry about it – just pay with your smartphone! Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are all examples of fast and simple ways to pay online and in physical stores, without ever having to reveal your card payment information. There are also many innovative mobile payment apps leading the way for new forms of money exchanges. For example, there are apps that allow you to access:

  • Digital wallets
  • Mobile commerce apps
  • Cryptocurrency apps
  • Peer-to-peer payment platforms

More cloud-based mobile apps

Mobile apps which run smoothly across multiple platforms often use cloud technologies to run complex tasks. If you’re wondering what ‘cloud-technology’ is, it’s probably got a little less to do with the actual sky than you think. It can get a bit technical and complicated, but the ‘cloud’ is basically a storage system on the Internet, rather than on the harddrive of your computer, tablet, or whatever other device.

That means apps like Dropbox or Google Drive can be fast and light on web browsers and don’t take up as much storage on your device, making them incredibly appealing for users (and mobile app developers, obviously).

Augmented reality

There a number of apps delivering a better user experience with augmented reality (AR). That can be anything from adding fun layers to your selfies, to games that combine the reality around you (through your camera) with characters or other made up elements.

Mobile app security

While security is a common focus across many different types of technology, mobile apps need to be especially alert since they’re particularly targeted for malicious activity. They often store huge amounts of personalised data and confidential information in them, so many apps are required to invest in additional security measures. That can be things like authentification (making users access the app by putting in a code or using a fingerprint reader), and being really cautious of where customer data is stored.

App developers are constantly trying to stay ahead of the pack – especially when apps process large volumes of data.

The Future at our fingerprints: biometric authentication in banking

As the tech industry keeps evolving, customers can expect big things from their mobile phone apps. With the focus to make life easier, more streamlined, and better connected, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to trends in mobile app development in 2018 and beyond.

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 *Source: Deloitte, Mobile Consumer Survey 2017

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