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Shop around

17 March 2020

Rebecca Sparrow

Rebecca Sparrow is a Suncorp Ambassador and a best-selling author, columnist, podcast host and passionate advocate for teenagers. She works closely with Suncorp and Financial Basics Foundation to champion financial literacy for young Australians. As a mother of three children, she understands the importance of talking about money with kids and the value of financial literacy education, both at school and home.

Not so long ago I wanted a rather popular (and expensive) hair straightener. Most of my friends had one and I thought that having one would save me money on hairdresser visits! #winning.  But when I went to the official website, the hair straightener I wanted was eye-wateringly expensive and as much as I wanted one, I knew I couldn’t really afford it. So, I did some research online. Within an hour of shopping around I discovered the exact same hair-straightener on sale. By following the Rule of Thumb of Shopping Around – I saved myself over $100.

We’ve all been there.. You’re shopping (whether that’s in a mall or online from your couch) for something, it could be a big-ticket item like a TV, or it could be the weekly groceries or fuel. Easier to save time and just buy it on the spot – right? Wrong! Invest a little more time by shopping around, or better still, do the research before you start shopping and the odds are that you’ll save.

TIP: This is a great tip to share with kids next time you’re shopping. Rather than buy the first one you see – talk about the power of shopping around. Give them some examples of past experiences where you’ve saved money just by doing a little research!

We know it’s one thing to explain a financial concept to children, but demonstrating it with real life behaviours can help them understand it better.  We’ve developed these worksheets to provide you with additional activities and practical examples.  Get the conversation started with your children by working through these  family activities together.

 Shop around activity sheet

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