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Too busy? 5 ways business owners can reclaim their time

20 June 2016

‘Busy’ is a word we know all too well these days. It seems like, as a society, we’re busier than ever – between work, family, friends, life, and staying constantly connected through technology in between it all, sometimes it feels like we don’t have time to breathe.

For business owners, ‘busy’ can just be an accepted way of life. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together 6 unique ways that you can use to reclaim your time in a positive way.

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1. Get on your bike

Although Australians are a little bit behind the curve compared to some other countries (particularly in Europe), cycling is becoming more and more of an accepted form of transit. This is especially the case in major cities like Melbourne and Sydney, where there’s often dedicated bike paths to use.

It may sound surprising, but cycling can often be the quicker, more direct route compared to sitting in heavy traffic or waiting around for public transport. If you’re someone who prioritises exercise, it can also mean you cut down on the need to spend that extra time doing cardio in the gym. A win/win!

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2. Put down your phone

Newsflash: the world isn’t going to collapse if you don’t respond to that email or text message within 15 seconds. Checking your phone might seem like an innocuous way to spend a minute or two, but that time can really add up. Plus, it can really take you out of the flow of whatever you’re working on, which in turn wastes even more time.

You can get around this by setting restrictions on yourself, like turning off your notifications that distract you and giving yourself allotted times in which you can check your phone. It can be a tough habit to get into, especially as a business owner, but you’ll be surprised by how much of an impact it can make on your stress levels and busy-ness.

3. Curb that caffeine addiction

We know, we know; how can you possibly live without coffee? When you’re a business owner with a schedule packed to the brim, sometimes coffee is the only fuel to keep you going for the whole day. While it’s ok to kick start your day with a hit, knocking back several double expressos before your lunch break can have the adverse effect than what you want. 

Too much caffeine can make you on edge, nervous, and easily distracted. Not exactly what you need when you want to stay focussed on completing your never-ending pile of work. So, cutting down on coffee might not be the answer you want to hear, but it could be part of the solution to improving your productivity and decreasing your stress/busy-ness levels.

4. Wake up ready to go

We don’t have to tell you that getting up earlier gives you more hours in the day to work with, but it goes beyond that. The way and time you wake up can actually give you a lot more energy to carry into your day. 

For starters, you should get up the minute you wake up. That means not snoozing several times, or lolling around in bed putting off the inevitable. Instead, get into the habit of springing (well, not quite) straight out of bed ready to start your day. 

Secondly, you can make a difference to your productivity by setting that alarm a bit earlier. There are countless studies proving that being an early riser is more effective than burning the midnight oil, so it’s definitely a good habit to get into. 

5. It’s OK to take a break

If you tell a business owner in the middle of a chock-a-block day to ‘take a break’, you’ll probably either get a response of laughter or a questioning, ‘what’s a break?’ When we’re stressed out to the max and working to tight deadlines, it can be difficult to actually allow yourself some downtime – but it’s important.  

Humans aren’t robots; we can’t just keep working through the day without any reprieve. If anything, you’re more likely to stop being able to concentrate properly and your work will start to suffer in a way that it wouldn’t if you just – you know – took a break. 

It doesn’t have to be a long break; even stepping away from the computer for 10 minutes or so and going for a walk can help you feel much more refreshed and, as a result, productive.

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