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Surprising ways you can use the Suncorp App

4 March 2019

You may have already heard of the Suncorp App – a mobile app available on Apple and Android devices that’s designed to help you keep your car, home, money, and life sorted all in one place. Considering it works with several brands in the Suncorp Network (AAMI, GIO, CIL, Apia, Shannons, and, of course, Suncorp), and helps you keep track of your banking and insurance products, it can be a pretty handy and comprehensive tool.

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But what does all that mean for you, anyway? Could it actually become your go-to app?  

Well, meet the following fictional characters*, and see how they’ve used the Suncorp App to make their lives easier.

Stephanie’s experience making a car insurance claim

When Stephanie had someone run into the back of her vehicle on the way to work one Wednesday morning, it was the last thing she needed. She was already running late, feeling frazzled, and – with it being her first ever accident – she didn’t even know what to do.

As a GIO Comprehensive Car Insurance customer, Stephanie knew she could lodge a claim using the Suncorp App. She figured it would be easier to just add the details of the accident straight away into the app, so – once she’d pulled over and safely gotten out of the car - she opened it up.

It popped up with a reminder to take photographs of the incident, which Stephanie would have probably forgotten to do. It was quick and easy to enter all the relevant details and then get on with her day. Since her car had damage that she wanted to fix quickly, she was glad she could even book a repairer through the app, and keep tabs on the claim as it was processed.

As stressful as having a car accident can be, Stephanie was grateful she had the app to guide her. It helped her feel in the loop about what was happening and complete all the steps she needed to without forgetting anything.

How Dale saves money on his day-to-day expenses

Dale’s had GIO Life Insurance and a Suncorp Bank account for the last few years, so when the Suncorp App was first launched, he checked it out. He liked the way he could link all his insurance and bank products into the one app, meaning he could access information about his policies or check up on his balance on the go.

One thing he didn’t bargain for, though, was just that – the bargains. Since discovering Suncorp Benefits, Dale has been saving on his groceries, paying less at the petrol pump, feeling less guilty about treating himself to a night out at the movies, and even saved a few dollars on his Christmas shopping.

With up to 15% off major retailers, Dale is discovering new ways he can use Suncorp Benefits. Plus, since it’s all through the app, he doesn’t even have to think about it. He just opens the app, selects the eCard he wants, and gets shopping!

When Neha needed a document quickly and easily

Neha’s version of a ‘filing cabinet’ is a drawer that barely opens because there are so many loose pieces of paper and receipts crammed in there. Everything is so digital these days that no one would ever expect her to provide a physical copy of something, right?

Now that’s she’s getting ready to sell her house, though, she’s been asked to provide her Certificate of Currency to prove that her property has insurance. If only she could remember where she put it…

Rather than searching for hours, Neha instead decides to just request her Certificate of Currency through the Suncorp App. It only takes a few clicks and within no time she’s got her certificate in her inbox. Super simple, instant, and now she’s always got it on hand if she needs it.

How Stu keeps on top of his continually changing circumstances

Stu, a mechanic with a knack for restoring old cars, is often seen with a new (or at least new-to-him) set of wheels. Only problem is, it makes updating his car insurance a bit of a headache. He rarely uses a computer, so it doesn’t really cross his mind to go to the effort of logging in and updating his policy when he’s supposed to.

After downloading the Suncorp App, Stu found that all the options for managing his policy were in one place – he could swap his vehicle, update his address, add or remove listed drivers, and a whole bunch of other things.

Because it’s on his phone and easy to get to, Stu no longer procrastinates whenever he acquires a different vehicle, meaning he can go on enjoying his car-swapping life and know his insurance is still up to date.

* All characters discussed within this article are fictional. No likeness to actual persons living or dead is intended nor should be inferred.

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