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Is income protection Insurance tax deductible?

Income protection cover can be a worthwhile addition that provides both financial security and peace of mind - but is it deductible when it comes to tax time?

What’s the difference between Life Insurance and Income Protection?

Knowing which personal insurance policy is right for you and your family can be tricky. Learn the key differences between Life Insurance and Income Protection.

Paying for your funeral: what are the options?

There are a few ways to pay for your funeral. So what’s the best option for you?

5 myths about Life Insurance

Think Life Insurance is just for older people, or that it’s a rip off? Find out the truth about these, and other, Life Insurance misconceptions.

Busting funeral insurance myths

There are a lot of myths around funeral insurance that can stand in the way of taking out this useful financial protection. Find out what’s right and wrong.

How to help cover the cost of your funeral

Funerals can be expensive. So how can you help cover the costs, so your family doesn't need to bear the brunt? Funeral insurance may help.

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